Memory Loss Facts Offers Free Kindle Edition of 'Brain Health: Simple Steps to a Better Memory'

Written for the average person; this new e-book can help readers improve their memory and brain health. For a limited time only readers can obtain a free copy of the Kindle Edition of “Brain Health: Simple Steps to a Better Memory” from 10/18/2012 to 10/20/2012.

Online PR News – 18-October-2012 – Atlanta, GA – Fear of memory loss and aging is now on the minds of millions who are in the boomer generation. memory improvement and Brain Health are hot topics in the news and elsewhere, as many fear the development of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease even more than cancer or heart disease. The good news is that there is much that can be done to improve memory and brain functioning, while protecting against poor brain health and future impairment.

Brain health, memory improvement, and memory improvement games and tips have been in the news as a means to improving a healthy learning ability. Some people have noticed, as they get older that their memory needs a tune up, and for some unfortunate people perhaps they have had an accident, illness or injury that has caused concerns.

Dr. Wolf says for these people, “Do not despair, because regardless of their reasons for wanting to improve their memory this e-Book has been designed to help anyone concerned find the answers to their memory questions.” In addition, this book will show readers memory improvement tips, games and nutrition facts that will enable a reader to improve their memory and cognitive performance.

Dr. Wolf says, “It is easier than you may think. This e-Book has been designed to provide meaningful and useful information and techniques that can be used today to improve a person’s memory.” The book will help readers find real answers to their concerns about memory.

I love that I can keep this book right on my phone and use the methods as needed.

Here is one testimonial about the book:

“I found this book a great Kindle value if you are interested in many techniques to enhance your memory. The author writes well and has a positive tone that encourages anyone to improve his or her memory. My favorite part of any book is the action steps a person can take to improve their memory and this book has several quick and easy techniques to improve memory for any age group. The various memory anchors were great as well as some of the association techniques. I love that I can keep this book right on my phone and use the methods as needed.”-- Carmine Ragusa

For a limited time only readers can obtain a free copy of the Kindle Edition of “Brain Health: Simple Steps to a Better Memory” from 10/18/2012 to 10/20/2012. The fee for the book is now a modest 99 cents, but the price will increase to $2.99 on 11/3/2012.

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Dr. Chris Wolf is a clinical and neuropsychologist who is licensed to practice in Pennsylvania, New Jersey and Georgia. He is Board Certified in Clinical Psychology and also Behavioral Health Practice. He is a Certified Brain Injury Specialist. Dr. Wolf has been a Clinical Neuropsychologist with the Department of the Army since 2009. He diagnoses and treats active duty soldiers returning from combat who have suffered a traumatic brain injury. He consults to on continuing education for healthcare providers.

Prior to his current practice, he was the Director of Psychology for five years with the Rehabilitation Hospital of South Jersey where he worked extensively with geriatric patients who had suffered stroke and with person who survived traumatic and acquired brain injury. During his career, Dr. Wolf has consulted to sub-acute rehabilitation and long-term care facilities. He is the founder of He lives with his wife Gail, son Ryan and Labrador Bambi in the greater Atlanta area.

Dr. M. Chris Wolf has over 20 years experience as a clinical and neuropsychologist. In early 2011, Dr. Wolf launched with the intent of providing people with free information on how to improve memory and overall brain health. The informational website is designed to help the average person find the answers to their memory questions. The research was done for the general population by a clinical neuropsychologist and staff. Most importantly, the goal of Memory-Loss Facts is to help people improve their memory and improve the quality of their life.

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