Eric IQ is on the move and going places

Fasten your seatbelt's because Eric IQ is "Going Places" and the sky is the limit as he say's to friends and fan's on his tour that the "Heavens In Sight" and nothing is impossible.

Online PR News – 28-October-2012 – New York – One man and his band on the road going places, actually after spending time touring, producing and writing his own music internationally and creating a name for himself independently, Eric is ready to take on the world again with his song's from his latest album , "Going Places. Fasten your seatbelt's because the sky is the limit as Eric say's to friends and fan's on his tour that the "Heavens In Sight" and nothing is impossible. All eleven song you hear on the Going Places album has been hand picked written, produced performed and arranged by Eric himself You want to move? Well ok let's move with the fugitive as it's said in the albums second song "Fugitive, Also while on the road Eric sends a postcard from the west-coast "Postcard California. It's again an on the road perfect getaway song to L.A. while escaping New York City. Eric really turns these collection of song's on this album into an real experience be it's live on stage or on your musical device. "Turn The Volume Up" because Eric has something to say again another song title from the album that delivers an strong independent message of standing up for one independent right's in the music industry. The time is now to recognize that the guitar man and his band are on their way live to a stage near you.

Contact Information
Eric de Fontenay
Astoria Blvd. New York
New York New York, 11102

718 278 0662