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Last week, TAGG saw 54 million, 43 million, 63 million volume days before closing the week out with over 120 million shares traded.

Online PR News – 29-October-2012 – Las Vegas, NV – By M. Vega TAGG the stock symbol of Tag Like Me Corp has been getting a lot of attention in the small cap community recently with some serious activity and gains the last part of October 2012. Last week saw 54 million, 43 million, 63 million volume days before closing the week out with over 120 million shares traded. This blitz of action really started on October 2nd this year when TAGG broke the million shares a day mark for the first time with a 142,616,600 volume day that closed at .08$ The day before had 0 volume and the month of September had many thin days of trading. Those people who bought on October 2nd are looking at 300% gains at the close Friday last week. All this from a start up company in a hot sector of the tech industry touting a hybrid composite search engine tool. Tag Like Me Corp had a flurry of press releases in October alone. They range from talking about starting development of a Windows Surface 8 Tablet App, commencing development on a android app to integrating more social network capabilities. At this moment, according to Capital IQ at Yahoo Finance, their income statement shows little or N/A revenue and their website didn’t show a clear cut picture of how they plan to monetize their product in the near future other than the usual “social media, search engine, multi billion dollar a year indutsry” rhetoric so I’m paying close attention to that in their forth coming press releases. We all know that this industry has some giants, Yahoo, Google and Facebook to name just a few and there is a lot money to be made in the small cap side of this arena. I went to taglikeme.com and tried out their and it gave me a fresh representation of web search technology which I actually enjoyed. Can Tag Like Me find a niche in this arena? Is there more upside to this recent trading? I don’t know, but they have my attention. Go here http://finance.yahoo.com/q?s=TAGG to learn more. THIS IS NOT A RECOMMENDATION TO BUY OR SELL ANY SECURITY! Read full disclaimer http://bestotc.com/disclaimer

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