Dr. Sheena Kong Presents 5 Things To Know About Smartlipo

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Online PR News – 30-October-2012 – San Francisco, CA – San Francisco, CA - Dr. Sheena Kong is presenting “An Evening Of Beauty” on Nov. 8th to show how women and men can look their best for the holidays with Smartlipo Triplex body contouring & skin tightening, laser skin rejuvenation and laser hair removal. There will be deep discounts available for attendees who arrange for their procedures when attanding the Evening Of Beauty event, with 40% off on Smartlipo, laser hair/vein removal packages, laser skin treatments and more.

Dr. Kong says the newest Smartlipo triplex system uses three different wavelengths of laser energy. “The addition of the third wavelength creates a much higher affinity for fat cells, so treatments are now much more effective in terms of fat melting,” she says. “Typically during a Smartlipo triplex treatment, I use two of the wavelengths together to melt the fat; I then use a different wavelength combination for a shallow ‘skin deep’ treatment to heat up the tissue. This promotes the generation of more collagen to tighten the skin.”

Dr. Kong will also show how other fat removal procedures compare to Smartlipo Triplex, and she will provide free consultations to all attendees. A live patient demo on laser hair removal will also be presented. The event is free, including food, wine and raffle prizes.

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5 Things To Know About Smartlipo

1. Smartlipo is superior to traditional liposuction:
The new Smartlipo “triplex” uses three different laser wavelengths to melt fat, tighten skin, and minimize bruising. After the fat is melted by laser, it is removed with a very small tube, with a diameter of only 2 to 3 mm. With Smartlipo, fat is removed evenly to yield a smooth contours. Smartlipo is more effective in fat removal and feels much gentler for the patients than traditional liposuction methods.

2. How is Smartlipo compared to other forms of fat removal procedures available on the market, such as Coolsculpting and Liposonix?
Coolsculpting is designed to freeze the fat cells. After freezing, fat is released from the cells. However this fat is no different than the fat from the diet and needs to be stored by the body somewhere else. Liposonix or lipolysis uses ultrasound to kill the fat cells which are then removed by body's lymphatic system. The body has the ability to eliminate dead cells naturally. However, only 2 to 3 ounces of dead fat cells can be removed using this technique, versus Smartlipo which can achieve a much more significant amount of permanent fat removal in one session. 

3. Minimal downtime for Smartlipo:
“Patients don't have to hide after they have Smartlipo done,” says Dr. Kong. “They don't have to take time off from work either. In my practice a Smartlipo procedure is typically done on a Thursday or Friday. The patient goes back to work on Monday. The next day most patients feel soreness in the area where they had Smartlipo. But they can still walk around and be able to do some light activity.”

4. The skin tightening effect of Smartlipo can eliminate the need for a tummy tuck, upper arm lift, neck lift, etc.
“Skin tightening can be achieved by combining two wavelengths from the Smartlipo triplex system,” says Dr. Kong. “The effect is compemented by a robust regeneration of collagen after the laser treatment. More collagen means better and thicker skin and more skin tightening,” she says. “This helps shrink the excess skin on the abdomen, under arms, and the neck. A conventional yummy tuck and upper arm lift are not only more invasive and require more downtime, but also typically leave behind large scars from the surgery.”

5. Smartlipo is a versatile tool when in an experienced hand.
“It's not the Smartlipo machine itself that does the liposuction. It's the doctor who operates the machine,” says Dr. Kong. “I always tell my patients that smartlipo is not ‘smart’ unless it's used properly. In addition, Smartlipo can be used for beautiful results in combination with other procedures. For example, Smartlipo for the neck lift can be combined with Thermage CPT for face and eye lift, and it can be combined with Intense Pulsed Light on the decollage with laser resurfacing to rejuvenate the facial and neck skin. There are many combinations to achieve the most beautiful rejuvenating results for the patients. However it’s important to have a doctor who is not just experienced, but who is creative, with a vision of what would look best for each person.”

About Dr. Sheena Kong:
Dr. Sheena Kong is a board certified Internal Medicine physician with extensive clinical experience in treating a wide variety of acute and chronic medical conditions and diseases. Dr. Kong graduated from Smith College magna cum laude. She attended Harvard University where she graduated with a Master’s degree in Medical Sciences. Dr. Kong graduated with a Doctor of Medicine degree from Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis. She completed her residency at California Pacific Medical Center. Dr. Kong is also fluent in Mandarin, as she was born in Shanghai, China.

Dr. Kong is highly trained and certified in the administration of Botox Cosmetic, dermal fillers and Fraxel resurfacing laser treatment. She was recognized with a Yellow Diamond Award for her commitment to the Fraxel laser treatment.

Dr. Kong is on the active staff of California Pacific Medical Center, St. Francis Memorial Hospital and Chinese Hospital.

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