Health Systems Management Network Unveils The Ultimate Diagnostic Billing Tool

Health Systems Management Network has created a diagnostic tool that will assist hospitals in unearthing problems in their billing systems.

Online PR News – 03-November-2012 – 2 november 2012 Country Golf Drive/ Wellington – Health Systems Management Network has created a diagnostic tool that will assist hospitals in unearthing problems in their billing systems. The diagnostic tool has been built for use by hospital, clinic and physician practice personnel in order to be involved in the actual work of uncovering flaws in the system. These flaws could be attributable to people functions, organizational structure, or even provider use of feeder systems such as Cardiology, Radiology and Oncology.
The purpose of the HSMNís Diagnostic Billing Tool is to provide hospitals with internal intelligence using a methodology that has had a proven positive impact on hospital revenue in large organizations. Health Systems Management Network brings its 26 years of experience in this arena of hospital billing and partners with hospital staff so that such staff can stop looking at what they always see but uncover what isnít there.
Perhaps this sounds a bit different to many, but the idea of looking at hospital billing as a continuum that flows through revenue cycle management and is touched by everyone on the clinical and administrative financial side, rather than isolated and as silo events, gives an entirely new perspective from front end to back end. The medical staff is also engaged in this process as they are asked to help with the deconstruction of encounter events which may have bearing on final outcomes of revenue.
The issue with most large organizations, and even smaller ones, is the tendency to compartmentalize functions and even centralize functions in a way that appears to create superficial efficiencies. The HSMN Diagnostic Billing Tool (DBT) has been built on the basis of working with hospital staffs across the country that has helped to pioneer the approach. The best part of this work is that there is a knowledge transfer that can always be used in the organization.
The elements that drive DBT include structural, data, systems, people, organization and redefined financial objectives based on a consensus of goals. Clients have told us of the joy of gaining a great understanding of how their organizations really work and why they were able to gain important revenue improvements even in the current challenging reimbursement environment.
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