JinXiang Chemical 2231-57-4

JinXiang Chemical has launched its new product thiocarbazide , cas no. 2231-57-4.

Online PR News – 09-November-2012 – danyang – JinXiang Chemical has launched its new product thiocarbazide , cas no. 2231-57-4.
Here are some more details about 2231-57-4:
Name thiocarbazide
CAS NO. 2231-57-4
Molecular formula CH6N4S
Molecular weight 106.17
surface white-like to off white powder
melting point 170 C
specification 95%min
package 25kg/drum

JinXiang Chemical 2231-57-4 can be widely used in organic synthesis, is an important raw material of metribuzin-a kind of broad-spectrum herbicide.

Technical process: synthetize hydrazine hydrate and C2S at low temperature and get the intermediate. In condition of heating reaction, it decompose to target product and hydrogen sulfide gas (highly toxic), the end gas was dissolved by alkali liquor.

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