Presentation Training Institute offers Two Day Presentation Training Course

"We have enhanced the delivery of our popular presentation training course, Powerful Presentations, by adding a second day of training and coaching" says Jim Hornickel, Director of Training and Delivery at Presentation Training Institute.

Online PR News – 09-November-2012 – Easthampton, MA – Easthampton MA, November 2, 2012 - "We have enhanced the delivery of our popular presentation training course, Powerful Presentations, by adding a second day of training and coaching" says Jim Hornickel, Director of Training and Delivery at Presentation Training Institute. "By adding extra practice, instruction and feedback we are doubling the value that professionals receive in our presentation training courses”, he adds. Over the past several months the company has sought feedback from professionals who have participated in one day presentation training sessions. According to Mr. Hornickel, many professionals say while it is difficult to free up work time, it is so important to get the extra coaching and corrective feedback that comes in the two day presentation training session. “Looking confident during a formal presentation is a great challenge for many professionals – they often pace, rock, or stammer” reinforces Mr. Hornickel. He goes on to say “participants really do need the skill building, repeated practice and feedback that come through being challenged to make the six standup presentations during the Two Day Powerful Presentations presentation training course”.

According to Suzanne Guthrie, Director of Learning at Presentation Training Institute, all types of professionals benefit from a two day presentation training course as they advance in their careers. “Presentation skills are fundamental to almost every role in a company. The modest investment in a two day presentation training seminar yields great return on investment over time. According to Ms. Guthrie, while many junior employees take presentation training recognizing their own lack of experience, more advanced professionals also benefit from Presentation Training. Without presentation training and corrective coaching, experienced professionals may repeat habitual behaviors that sabotage their presentation success”, adds Ms. Guthrie. "Over the past few years, we have seen an interest in the digital recordings that are part and parcel of our presentation training course” Ms. Guthrie asserts.

The Presentation Training Institute specializes in helping professionals of all levels grow their presentation skills. “We have provided a presentation training course or presentation training program to many large firms in North America. These include Bank of America, Ethicon, Novo Nordisk, Sandvik and more. However, we are also seeing smaller firms earmark training funds to provide presentation training for their staff – both professional and executive level.

Jim Hornickel notes “We have received exceptional feedback about all of the presentation training courses that we deliver in corporate settings including Powerful Presentations, Executive Presentations, and Savvy Sales Presentations. “Every participant in our two day presentation training course is required to deliver six standup presentations in front of their peers. The competence and confidence that comes from this aspect of the presentation training course is invaluable” adds Ms. Guthrie. She goes on to say that “professionals who participate in the two day presentation training course perform better in meetings, teleconferences and presentations”, as a result of the presentation training.

Established as a global learning company, Presentation Training Institute (PTI) differentiates itself from competitors by providing experiential courses like their flagship presentation training workshop Powerful Presentations. The PTI presentation training workshop transforms the way executives influence clients, colleagues and employees. Whether you are looking for an onsite presentation training workshop in the US, Canada, or elsewhere in the globe you can request an onsite presentation training session at your location. To arrange for presentation training workshop please contact 1-800-501-1245.

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