SMB Strategical Spending Good News For Software Vendors

Now is the time to switch to more strategic plans when generating IT software leads because companies are looking for an IT software company that will support all their needs.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – Singapore – Based on the most recent Spiceworks State of SMB IT report the average annual budget is up to nearly 7%, to $162,000, from its survey conducted six months ago. While small and medium business’ budget has continually risen the past three years, hiring is at an all time low. Fewer companies reported to add more IT staff (26% from 30% six months ago). According to Adam Weinroth, Spiceworks’ executive director for vendor marketing, hiring tends to diverge from time to time.

“You do see the ups and downs in hiring. Part of that is tied to macroeconomic factors. It’s something that can vary a bit, and now we’re on a down cycle in terms of hiring plans,” said Weinroth in an interview.

This may have a negative impact on IT professionals that prefer SMB’s over bigger enterprises, while software vendors can take advantage of this new development. Now is the time to switch to more strategic plans when generating IT software leads because companies are looking for an IT software company that will support all their needs. Just recently an Analysis Mason survey conducted found out that SMT IT services revenue will triple faster compared to the number of actual SMBs in the next five years.
Companies providing lead generation services ought to strike while the iron is hot. The one knowing how to market their clients’ campaigns to give them the highest visibility and put them ahead of the game wins. First class customer support and ease of use should be well emphasized in order to attract larger clientele.

Seasoned telemarketing services providers know that this significant change favors small businesses that do not have a lot of IT staff from the very beginning. They do everything by themselves because 1. They are already IT pros and 2. They’d rather pay for the services than hire people to do it for them. These are very common scenarios in small and medium businesses. So the telemarketing firm the software vendor choose to partner with must convey clearly to their IT leads the services you provide that would be most essential to them namely: virtualization, cloud computing, mobility and other factions that could give them the IT infrastructure that they need.

Patrick Rusby, the analyst of Analysis Mason who authored the report said, “SMBs are finding that IT can increasingly help them outsource things which they previously might have had in-house, for example, their servers and their PBX, and this reduces the need to have an in-house IT support staff. If SMB switch to buying software and infrastructure as a service, the support is provided as part of the service.”

All these should be reiterated during the kick-off meeting with your chosen IT leads provider which is part of their appointment setting services. Software vendors should be made to understand that instead of working on SMB’s to resist cloud, mobility or virtualization initiatives, they should embrace it. “SMB IT staff should be technology enablers,” Rusby pointed out. “Allowing BYOD and transitioning to cloud services is going to help SMB’s to be more flexible and productive, while keeping costs under control.” This makes it a win-win situation.

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