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EarthLink Inc. is not only a leading IT services provider but is also a network and communications provider to over one million customers worldwide.

Online PR News – 20-November-2012 – united state – EarthLink Inc. is not only a leading IT services provider but is also a network and communications provider to over one million customers worldwide. The company has an extensive network coverage across more than 90 percent of the country. What makes us stand out from the rest of the crowd is an experienced management team and value-creating customers who encourage us to achieve more.

Voice services help delivering all features that of a traditional business phone system. The advantages that are offered include increased productivity, cost savings, geographic flexibility and disaster recovery. It works using existing phone lines and mobile devices so that you can work from your office.

Hosted Voice is a competitively priced alternative to IP based PBX (Private Branch Exchange) solutions with absolutely no upfront costs. It allows you to fully outsource the cost of maintaining your own PBX. This system is full proofed with more savings as your business keeps evolving. If you are scared that the equipment, you will be purchasing will quickly get outdated, this way you can add new features when available.
The services available to you include DID, Voicemail, IP phones, Internet, Long distance bundle and much more. DID (Direct Inward Dialing) refers to a service provided by local phone carriers to companies with a block of telephone numbers to call into a company's PBX system. A company this way offers customers individual phone numbers to each person or a workstation within the company. With Voicemails callers will leave you a message that gets sent to your email or will be informed to you via a sms. There are a host of features included in this such as 24/7 auto attendant, professional greeting, call forwarding and multiple extensions.

Company's data is an asset and the hardest to replace. That's why having a recovery plan is important. With a sound backup and recovery plan, your business operations are not affected. We recruit top recovery and business continuity consultants that provide you with customized solutions. You get peace of mind by knowing that all your data is safe and secured. Your business is protected from hard drive failure, fire, water and all other natural disasters.

Ensuring employees are connected and productive is integral. With EarthLink business solutions, you get business-class facilities delivered to you and can enjoy landline and wireless voice services. This way, you save on time and money while streamlining your back office.
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