PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms Earns Major Seal of Recommendation from Canadian Organization

PURE Allergy Friendly Rooms has earned the seal of approval from 'Recommended By Moms'.

Online PR News – 26-November-2012 – Pulaski, New York – PURE Global, the pioneer in allergy friendly rooms and spaces, has been awarded a major seal of recommendation from My Real Review Canada. My Real Review Canada is a peer reviewed non-paid endorsement organization that tests the product or service offered by a participating company.

PURE Rooms undergo a patented 7 step process that treats the air and surfaces in the environment to ensure that up to 99% of all pollutants are removed. A medical grade air cleaner works to capture better than 99% of ultra fine particles, the particles most dangerous to those who suffer from any type of respiratory ailment. Furthermore, the air handling system, mattress, upholstery, and carpeting receive specialized deep cleaning and rigorous maintenance to keep the room allergy friendly. Finally a proprietary shielding is placed on all hard and soft surfaces in the room to protect the environment from the growth of microbes and bacteria until the next service.

I noticed a significant difference during my stay in a PURE Room and the carpet was the cleanest carpet I’ve ever seen in a hotel.

One ‘Recommended by Moms’ tester stated, “I noticed a significant difference during my stay in a PURE Room and the carpet was the cleanest carpet I’ve ever seen in a hotel.” She further added the air quality was noticeably better than hotels she had stayed in without PURE Rooms. The $20.00 premium was well worth the great nights sleep.

PURE President, Vinny Lobdell stated, “all of us at PURE were thrilled when we earned the ‘Recommended by Moms’ seal. Our teams of service professionals and experts, as well as our partner hotels, take pride in providing the next level of luxury, which we are labeling ‘responsible luxury’ for the most discerning traveler.”

PURE Allergy friendly Rooms are becoming increasingly popular around the globe and more and more hotels are adapting to the new trend. Hyatt Hotels was recently named the number one International Hotel Chain catering to the increased demand from allergy and asthma sufferers. PURE and Hyatt have partnered to provide more than 2,500 PURE rooms worldwide. Other major brands are adding PURE Rooms across the globe.

For information on where you can book a PURE Room please visit www.pureroom.com

For more information on the “Recommended by Moms” recommendation visit www.myrealreview.ca

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