The Rug House offers Washable Rugs and Anti Slip Mats

The Rug House, a company which offers top quality rugs at affordable prices, has washable rugs available for the rainy season.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – Cladybeg – Cladybeg, North Ireland– The Rug House, a company which offers top quality rugs at affordable prices, has washable rugs available for the rainy season. With winter being here in many countries, the weather is often cold, snowy, or rainy. Washable rugs are a perfect option because they can be laundered when they get too dirty and they will come out as good as new. Anti slip mats are also a good option to use with the rainy season because they can help to reduce accidents that can come from getting water on a slippery floor.

The Rug House specialises in washable rugs and anti slip mats. Both types of rugs are made to withstand the wear and tear that may come from coming in and out of the house when there is a bad weather. The rugs are good for every household because they last for a really long time. They come in a variety of colours, styles, and sizes so that they can be used in every room in the home.

Anti slip mats are another type of rug that can be used during cold weather. Since it is not uncommon to be coming in the house with wet shoes, anti slip mats can help stop an accident from occurring. When placed on the floor, they can help to reduce the number of accidents because of slipping on wet floors. They are also used in bathrooms where water often comes in contact with the floor, which becomes slippery when wet.

About The Rug House
The Rug House, located in the UK and Ireland, is a family run business which has more than twenty years of experience. They specialise in selling high quality rugs that are affordable. The Rug House deals directly with rug manufacturers from all around the world. The Rug House has the lowest prices on rugs. If a customer comes across a lower price, they can simply contact the Rug House to let them know. The Rug House also offers free delivery.

The Rug House proudly works only with companies which have a child labour free policy. They are able to offer their customers the lowest prices available on their high quality rugs because they deal directly with the importers. Customers can choose from a variety of rugs for every room of the home. They have washable rugs, sheepskin rugs, stair carpet, bathroom mats, and much more. All are available at a price that is inexpensive with guaranteed quality.

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The Rug House Ltd
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