New Book Entitled Chief Complaint, Brain Tumor Shows How To Use Humor To Survive A Brain Tumor

First-time author John Kerastas’ memoir entitled "Chief Complaint, Brain Tumor", explains how he used humor to remain sane when faced with the insanity of a brain tumor the size of his wife’s fist.

Online PR News – 07-December-2012 – Wilmette, IL – Wilmette, IL (December 7, 2012) First-time author John Kerastas’ memoir entitled "Chief Complaint, Brain Tumor", has been published by Sunstone Press, And while there is nothing funny about having a brain tumor, much like Roberto Benigni’s movie, "Life is Beautiful", Kerastas’ memoir explains how he used humor to remain sane when faced with the insanity of a brain tumor the size of his wife’s fist.

The book chronicles the year he spends addressing tumor-related health issues: preparing for the (first) operation, discovering a skull infection, having the infected portion of his skull removed, undergoing rehab and radiation treatment, and learning to live with “my new normal.” According to Kerastas, the words “new normal” are the medical community’s code words for “you’re alive so quit complaining.”

As his health changed, so did his sense of humor. It started out superficially light-hearted prior to the first operation; transmogrified into gallows humor after several operations; and leveled out as somewhat wry-ish after radiation and significant rehab.

Topics he writes about in his book include:
•How not to tell everybody you have a brain tumor
•Why I could prove that I was the “dumbest guy in the room”
•Why someone compared the back of my head to a diseased goat

“Chief Complaint, Brain Tumor” is a guide for anyone who wants to know about surviving a frightful brain surgery, but it’s really a lovely and funny guide to life. The best characters, John’s family and friends, show us how to support someone we love.”
-Amy Marash, author of "Cancer is SO FUNNY"

John Kerastas' humor-filled account of a devastating health event lays bare the foibles and heroics of the medical community as he shares a breathtaking view of his tortuous journey with brain cancer. I still feel like I am standing next to John, awaiting the next medical report and his light-hearted interpretation that makes the whole ordeal bearable.”
-Nancy Morgan
Writing Clinician, Director, Arts and Humanities Program, Georgetown Lombardi Cancer Center

“One man’s journey from start and definitely not finished yet will make you laugh, cry, smile, cheer and realize that rehab is rough, caretakers deserve big hugs and yes laughter and a sense of humor in this case was the best medicine. Chief Complaint: Brain Tumor: If I know John just from reading this book this tumor has no chance of survival against him. Hear his words, listen to his inner most thoughts and find out the new words he wrote to one of my favorite songs: Run Around Sue on pages 110-112. This book gets: FIVE GOLDEN STARS AND FIVE HIGH SCORES ON LUMINOSITY.”
-Fran Lewis, Reviewer, Gabina49's Blog (full review posted at

John Kerastas writes, blogs and presents about brain tumors, brain health and rehab. He has presented to hospital rehab groups, stroke and aphasia groups, and at the 2012 “Patient and Caregivers” annual conference of the American Brain Tumor Association. For dates and times of upcoming presentations view his blog at "Chief Complaint, Brain Tumor" is his first book. For more information go to

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