SQL Server Database Repair Tool Gained Maximum Shareware Site Clicks

SQL Recovery software by the company attained highest shareware site hits and via this release the company informs about the success of SQL server database repair tool.

Online PR News – 17-December-2012 – Evan Swans/Florida/United State – Gothenburg, Sweden, 17 December, 2012: - Via this release, the company inform users about the maximum hits received by its SQL Server Database repair tool on Shareware sites. SQL recovery software that the company caters to repair SQL MDF file has Quick scan and Advance scan options that facilitates users to handle major and minor corruption issues. Providing users the software solution to for SQL server repair on Shareware sites, the company opens up a mode for the users to reach the software with ease.  Attaining highest number of hits on Shareware sites brings a positive effect on sales of tool to repair SQL Server.
Words from the Desk of Evan Swans: “Together with development of solutions, we consider it our duty o make the software easily available to the users. Shareware sites are one of the finest platforms that is available to us to get in touch with our users as after trying out the tool, users reach the tools. The maximum hits on Shareware sites for SQL server repair software has bought a constructive response on the monthly sales and we are extremely happy with it. We hope that our solution for repair SQL Server 2008 R2 keeps on satisfying the users like this and helps us to fulfill the mission of aiding them in resolving their issues.”

Web Team Head, Susan Kate Says: “Losing relational database can cause huge loss to an individual and consequently to an organization. Our SQL server database repair tool has an evergreen demand in online market and in the complete process of software success from its development to its utilization by the user, Shareware sites plays an important role.  SQL server database repair database tool has received maximum number of clicks on the shareware sites and this has bought a positive change in sales of the software.

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