Total Tax Solutions Leverages IRS Fresh Start Program to Assist Taxpayers Dealing with IRS Problems

Total Tax Solutions is leveraging new changes to the IRS’s Fresh Start Program to assist individual taxpayers and small businesses to qualify for relief under the expanded program.

Online PR News – 27-December-2012 – Lighthouse Point, FL – Total tax solutions, is leveraging the new changes recently made available through the IRS’s Fresh Start Program to help individual taxpayers and small businesses file an offer in compromise and finally reach an affordable tax settlement with the IRS. Many taxpayers through their own actions or due to financial hardships such as job loss, the economy affecting their business or financial strains due to medical bills, have found themselves in serious trouble with the IRS unable to pay taxes owed.

Enhancements to the IRS Fresh Start Program include an easier lien process, simplified access to developing an installment agreement, a streamlined Offer in Compromise process and raising thresholds to qualify for the program. The IRS has also added a new feature which is the ability to completely remove the existence of the federal tax lien from their credit report. This can result in an improvement of up to 200 points to an individual’s credit rating.

Total Tax Solutions, which specializes in helping small businesses and individual taxpayers resolve their irs problems and reach a tax settlement with the IRS, has been heavily involved in utilizing these new regulations to assist clients resolve their tax debt. Many taxpayers are not aware that these changes have taken place, nor how they can really benefit from them. Total Tax Solutions conducts a thorough analysis of a taxpayer’s situation and if the individual or small business qualifies under the new guidelines Total Tax Solutions will ensure that the client achieves the best possible outcome for their situation.

Ash Boutros, President, Total Tax Solutions, said “We are truly excited about the changes to the IRS Fresh Start program as this widens the scope of individuals that can achieve tax settlements and tax solutions in a much faster and efficient manner. The biggest advantage of this program is that more people can qualify for relief, allowing them to finally resolve their tax problems and gain peace of mind. Likewise, the ability to remove a tax lien is something that greatly improves a taxpayers’ credit score giving them access to loans for their businesses and potentially to new homes. This is a true fresh start.”

Total Tax Solutions has been extremely successful in helping numerous taxpayers take advantage of the recent changes in the IRS’s Fresh Start program. The company looks forward to assisting more clients in attaining final resolution to their existing irs tax problems.

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Total Tax Solutions has been in operation for 20 years and is a full service accounting agency that specializes in assisting taxpayers deal with IRS problems. Full service offerings include tax preparation (personal and business), bookkeeping, payroll filings and sales tax services. Total Tax Solutions specialty is tax resolution services such as filing of back taxes, negotiating tax settlements, innocent spouse, offer in compromise, wage garnishment removal and more. Visit or call 855.275.0873.

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