New Online Marketplace Looking For Sellers. No Upfront Fees. Ever! is an online marketplace much like some of the popular site like Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, and

Online PR News – 03-January-2013 – Chillicothe, Missouri – The difference between and the other guys is FREE to sign up and list products on.

That's right, we said FREE.

NO listing fee.
NO monthly fee.
NO signup fee.
NO contracts
NO store fee
NO upfront fee ever

A seller will pay a selling fee of 7% only when a product sells. We are also offering an affiliate program so our sellers will get tons of advertising by affiliates. If an affiliate sells a product for a seller they get 2%.

We are trying to create a marketplace for sellers that eliminates the high cost of doing business online. Most sites charge tons of money up front or monthly fees even you don't sell anything. People that don't money can't spend money. By offering sellers free listings and affiliate advertising this takes out the upfront coat of selling online.

If you have 1200 products you want to sell online and list them on an action site or marketplace you could spend close to $300 listing products. When you factor in the selling fees, store fees, shipping, and payment fees you are killing your profit margin.

By offering our sellers a "No out of pocket" solution, we are giving them a fighting chance of making real money online.

We also have "Real Time" shipping rates. The reason for real time shipping rates is to stop unfair shipping inflation. People who buy a 8oz product for $7 do not want to pay $11 for shipping.

About is an online marketplace much like some of the popular site like Amazon, Ebay, Newegg, and

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