St. Louis Will Lawyer Offers Tips To Build a Family Legacy In 2013

According to St. Louis will lawyer, Steven Spewak, the New Year is a great time for parents to start a tradition of creating letters, videos and other priceless memories that can be passed down someday to their children.

Online PR News – 03-January-2013 – St. Louis, MO – When it comes to leaving children an inheritance, Many parents tend to think of life insurance policies, bank accounts and the inheritance they are working hard so to leave behind someday for their kids.

But according to Steven Spewak, a Will lawyer in St. Louis, the most valuable legacy people can leave for their children has nothing to do with money. Instead it's the memories, mementoes and other priceless conversations that will help their children remember the love they had for them and the wonderful times shared together after they are gone.

For that reason, St. Louis will and trust lawyers such as Spewak are encouraging parents this New Year to start creating letters, videos and other “intangible assets” that can someday be passed down to their kids.

“In my legal practice, I’ve found that one of the hardest things for adult children to do after the loss of a parent is close out their cell phone account. They simply can’t bear the thought of erasing mom or dad’s voicemail and losing the ability to hear their voice,“ says Spewak.

He continues, “But now imagine those same children receiving audios or video tapes recorded by mom or dad as part of their will or trust. In addition to their monetary inheritance, they are also receiving a special legacy where their parent was able to express just how much they loved their son or daughter, their hopes for their future and what life lessons were most important to them during their years on earth. It would be priceless, especially for a child whose parents passed away while they were still young.” he says.

Ideas for Leaving a Family Legacy

Spewak says there is no right or wrong way to create a family legacy; the key is simply to be consistent and intentional about sharing love, stories, values and wishes for the future. Great ways to do that include:

• Videos
• Audio recordings
• Cards
• Letters
• Postcards from favorite places
• Completed journals

When deciding what to share with kids, St. Louis will lawyer Steven Spewak encourages parents consider the following:

• Family stories
• Tips for the future (i.e. life lessons you learned the hard way!)
• Your values
• Personal details about your own life and experiences
• Wishes for their future
• Reflections about the current year
• Reflections on their life milestones
• Your feelings for your children or other family members
• Anything to help your kids remember who you were and the love you had for them

“No matter how old your children are, I encourage all parents to ring in the New Year with this unique family tradition. Remember, inheritances can be spent and assets can be sold, but the precious memories you leave behind for your children will last forever,” says Spewak.

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Mr. Spewak obtained his Bachelor of Science degree in accounting from Drake University and his law degree from the University of Missouri at Kansas City where he graduated “with distinction.” Following law school, he served four years as a lawyer in the Judge Advocate General Corp of the United States Air Force. Upon completion of his military commitment, he returned to school at the National Law Center of The George Washington University in Washington, D.C. where he earned a graduate law degree in Tax Law.

He founded Estate Plan Strategies, LLC in May 2001, after many years as a partner with prominent St. Louis law firms where he concentrated his practice in the field of estate planning.

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