Announcing the release of The Entertainment Injection, software for configuring and maintaining XBMC across multiple platforms to the public. Supported devices include Windows PC's, Linux PC's, Jailbroken Apple TV 1 Apple TV 2 and iDevices, Android, and the Pivos XIOS DS.

Online PR News – 22-January-2013 – January 22, 2012 Hanahan, SC – Noli_Soco_So has released The Entertainment Injection, his own proprietary software for configuring and maintaining XBMC across multiple platforms to the public. Supported devices include Windows PC's, Linux PC's, Jailbroken Apple TV 1, Jailbroken Apple TV 2, Jailbroken iDevices, Android devices, and the Pivos XIOS DS. It is available for download at with a 1-Week Free Trial.

Customers of Noli_Soco_So and TheEntertainmentInjection present and future can now enjoy XBMC and all it has to offer with features you can only find in his program. Among its various functions customers will find the ability to install 100 pre-configured plugins, scripts and addons to any of their device. Users will also be able to create backups of their 1Channel Favourites, IceFilms Favourites, Navi-X Favorites, and XBMC Favourites, as well as their entire XBMC Configuration. (Noli_Soco_So is aware of the spelling and grammatical implications here - in developing the software, he chose to keep the spelling consistent with how XBMC and its plugins spell various aspects of the interface - ie Favourites and Favorites).

At its initial release, TheEntertainmentInjection is a Windows-only program that can be run on Windows Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. A Mac and Windows XP version will be available at a later date. Using the Windows program, users of The Entertainment Injection will be able to store all of their various backups for easy restoration to all supported devices. All backups are cross-compatible. For instance, a user could have a Jailbroken Apple TV 2 with XBMC installed and configured just the way the like it and then choose to make the switch to an Android set-top box. At which point, all they would have to do is back up their configuration from the Apple TV 2 and then restore it to their new Android device. This also works with backups made from 1Channel, Icefilms, Navi-X, etc. They also have the ability to back up all of their configurations to external storage (USB stick or SD card) for easy import into other computers within the household or just as a secondary backup.

Device specific functions are also present in The Entertainment Injection. For instance, its users will also find the ability to install Plex and NitoTV on the Apple TV 2 or NitoTV and Boxee on the Apple TV 1. On the Apple TV 1, Users will also enjoy the ability to - with the help of a semi-guided installation - set up external USB support on their device.

With The Entertainment Injection users will be able to perform these and other functions on their Windows PC's, Linux PC's, Jailbroken Apple TV 1, Jailbroken Apple TV 2, iDevices, Android devices, and the Pivos XIOS DS. Noli_Soco_So looks forward to adding even more devices to his lineup over the coming months, as well as new functions and support for additional media center software platforms. TheEntertainmentInjection also offers an always Free User Manual, The Injection Enjoyment Manual, to free users and a blog where fans of XBMC will be able to keep up with the latest news.


Noli_Soco_So began selling Jailbroken Apple TVís on eBay in late 2011 when he realized how wonderful the Apple TV 2 was for introducing people to XBMC in an affordable, user friendly device that fit unobtrusively into just about any entertainment center. With 10 years of experience with XBMC under his belt he very quickly became adept at providing the most reliable stable professional jailbreaks on eBay. Quickly he went from selling one or two per week to one or two per day. His local Best Buy soon became a second home.

When Apple released the Apple TV 3 and the shortage of Apple TV 2 units began to show, he realized that if he was going to be able to continue to provide his top quality service to the uninitiated in XBMC something was going to have to be done. It was important to Noli_Soco_So to ensure that XBMC potentials were given the right experience the first time. He wanted people to enjoy XBMC as much as he did. Knowing that in many cases one bad experience is all it takes to turn someone off to even as amazing a platform as XBMC, he set out to ensure that not even a device shortage would come between him and the people that needed him most.

Thus was born the Entertainment Injection and Enjoyment Manual. Released in May of 2012, it quickly became an instant hit on eBay, propelling him to Power Seller Status and later to Top Seller Status in the eBay hierarchy. Soon he was selling three, sometimes as many as five of his manuals every day! Not content to rest on his laurels, Noli_Soco_So did not spend much time enjoying his success. The Entertainment Injection and Enjoyment Manual was reissued on three separate occasions with updates and additions until it came to be more than 100 pages in length, covering Windows computers, Mac computers, the Apple TV 1, the Apple TV 2, and iDevices.

But there was still work to be done. In July of 2012 he began to work on what would later become The Entertainment Injection. With added support for additional devices and more features than even those discussed in his manual, his line of products has evolved to necessitate a dedicated membership website.

He is proud to offer his products at and continue to provide the expert support his customers have come to expect.

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