DNS-Health.com Launches Free DNS Report Tool - Enables Webmasters to Check Their DNS Health

Webmaster promotion service WebBoosts.com has announced the launch of its free DNS reporting tool DNS Health. Enables webmasters and site owners to check the health of their domain name's DNS records.

Online PR News – 28-January-2013 – Den Haag, SH - January 28th 2013 – Today, webmaster promotion community WebBoosts has announced the launch of its free DNS report tool called DNS Health. DNS Health enables webmasters and site owners to check the health of their domain name's DNS records.

Besides providing basic details such as the nameservers of a domain name, DNS Health also includes information about a domain name's parent servers, SOA records, MX records and also SPF records, which are often overlooked when creating DNS records for a domain name.

SPF stands for Sender Policy Framework. It is an email validation system designed to prevent email spam by verifying sender IP addresses. Missing SPF records are the main reason why emails can end up in a user's spam folder.

We have developed this free DNS lookup service to offer an alternative to existing DNS reporting services which charge money to perform DNS look-ups. DNS problems are the number one reason for delayed connections to a server and can even prevent emails from being received.

Unlike most similar services, DNS Health does not charge its users to query the status of their DNS records. The service is free of charge and has been developed by WebBoosts, a webmaster forum community, which also serves as the official support forum for this service.

The services official support forums are located at http://webboosts.com/. Users of this free DNS lookup service are invited to discuss any questions and recommendations they may have.

A DNS check consists of various DNS record entries such as:

+ Parent Server Records
+ Nameserver Records
+ DNS Glue Issues
+ SOA Records
+ SOA Serial Number
+ SOA Refresh
+ SOA Retry
+ SOA Expire
+ SOA Minimum TTL
+ MX Records
+ SPF Records
+ Various IP Address related records
+ Mismatched Records

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About DNS Health
DNS Health has been launched on January 28th 2013 and provides webmasters and site owners a free tool to check the health of a domain name's DNS records. The service has been created by WebBoosts.com, a webmaster promotion community designed for webmasters, small business owners and web site owners. Unlike most DNS look-up tools on the internet, DNS Health does not charge its users for looking up the DNS status of their domain name(s).

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