Today Translations announces winner of its ‘Theory of Prosperity’ competition

Today Translations, the reputable London-based translation company, announced the winner of its ‘Theory of Prosperity’ competition.

Online PR News – 02-February-2013 – London – •Winning formula questions everything from City bonuses, the television license fee and the right amount of money to spend on a date.
•Done in the name of fun, but we should not forget that certain policies in Europe and US seem just as comical, says MD.

Today Translations, the reputable London-based translation company, this week announced the winner of its ‘Theory of Prosperity’ competition.
The competition encouraged linguists, clients and close associates of the company to devise a quirky mathematical formula that could stimulate economic prosperity for 2013.
The competition announcement showed a caricature of Einstein at a blackboard, writing “Austerity = (Piggy Bank – Pennies) x Too many sweets. Prosperity = ?”

The winner, Romain Bohbote, was rewarded a case of wine, while the other participants that made the list of the top-ten formulas received a smaller prize.

“We were absolutely delighted by the level of participation, as well as the creativity and effort put into the proposed formulas,” said Today Translations managing director Jurga Zilinskiene.
The entries were evaluated based on their perceived message, humour and, most importantly, inventiveness.

First place: Romain Bohbote:
Prosperity = ((Generous allowances paid by employers + Ever shrinking bonuses in the City – Forced donations to charities) x Number of atoms in universe) + (TV license fee abolishment) - Σ2063/2013 Number of beers consumed in a year - Σ∞/1 Dinner paid to potential date.

Second place: Diana Okoeva:
Prosperity = (Bankers' bonuses/World population + Too many sweets) x World languages

Third place: Steve Woods:
Access to abundant mountains of folding stuff – Final salary pension plan & early retirement (Depreciation of you by your friends/family as they smell you getting progressively older and see you growing more smug as you approach retirement)
= Long term prosperity with a fixed smile (Courtesy of ‘the’ face lift)

You can see the remaining top-ten formulas, as well as an illustration of the winning formula in action, on the Today Translations website:

“The competition was designed to be a bit of fun for our clients and linguists to see in the New Year,” said Zilinskiene. “However, some of the current economic policies being pursued by the United States and certain European countries often seem to me to be just as comical.”

Winner Romain Bohbote said that the formula was inspired by the general theory of relativity and the John Gray book, ‘Men are from Mars, Women are from Venus,’ and that it “incorporates state-of-the-art socio-economic analysis while seeking to unlock the secrets of the universe”.

“The formula is at first glance quite controversial, and will probably challenge the convictions of the more conservative among us,” said Bohbote. “However, the underlying principles are an expression of our society’s values and norms, which I myself have thoroughly verified.”

Zilinskiene said: “We recognized that some people might find the winning formula quite provocative and by no means should it be interpreted as a reflection of the company’s opinions. However, we were looking for something quite different to what we have come to expect when we read the news.”
“We found Romain’s entry absolutely hilarious, but that it also offered a very refreshing approach to responsible spending, which is why we deemed it the winner.”

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