BHM Healthcare Solutions Celebrates the Medical Home

BHM Healthcare Solutions is proud to help celebrate the Medical Home as this is our main emphasis for the month of February. PCMH is the wave of the future and expanding daily in terms of numbers, recognition, and acceptance.

Online PR News – 12-February-2013 – St. Louis, MO – A Medical Home is a patient-centered model of health care which centers around the patient (including in all healthcare decisions) and delegates the responsibility to the Primary Care Physician to coordinate care with laboratories, radiology and other specialists. Medical Homes are often referred to as Patient Centered Medical Homes (PCMH) or Patient Centered Health Care Homes, depending upon organizational preference. The terms are, however, synonymous.

BHM Healthcare Solutions is celebrating Medical Homes during the month of February by writing a blog post series entitled Patient Centered Medical Home: What it Takes to become PCMH Accredited, writing press releases, providing status updates for Linkedin, Google +, Facebook, and Twitter, actively posting in BHM’s social media groups/communities, and engaging in other social media groups which focus on Medical Homes and Patient-Centered Care.

Once an organization has become a Medical Home, there are several options to achieve patient centered health care home accreditation: URAC PCHCH Accreditation, TJC Accreditation (Primary Care Medical Home Certification), NCQA Accreditation (Patient Centered Medical Home 2011), AAAHC Accreditation (Medical Home Accreditation and Medical Home Certification) and the newly added CARF Accreditation (Health Home).

The Medical Home concept is a result of the Affordable Care Act (ACA), which was enacted in 2010. The ACA focuses a lot of attention on the patient, being the center of his care and going as far as incentivizing organizations which properly create and maintain a Medical Home. BHM is proud to celebrate the Medical Home.

BHM is a healthcare management consulting firm whose specialty is optimizing profitability while improving care in a variety of health care settings. BHM has worked both nationally and internationally with managed care organizations, providers, hospitals, and insurers. In addition to this BHM offers a wide breadth of services ranging including accreditation i.e. PCHCH Auditor, financial risk management, denial management, revenue cycle, clinical operations, quality improvement, Physician Advisor Services and denial management.

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