Floods Generate New Interest in Damp Proofing

The recent floods in various parts of the UK have made many homeowners think more about how to protect their homes from floods and damp

Online PR News – 02-March-2013 – Hertfordshire – England 14/2/2013 - The recent floods in various parts of the UK have made many homeowners think more about how to protect their homes from floods and damp

You would not expect something like floods to have an impact on the level of interest in damp proofing, but oddly, in some parts of the UK, that is exactly what has happened. When it comes to damp proofing London based firms have no shortage of work. There are a lot of older buildings in the capital that need specialist and remedial damp proofing work. This coupled with the construction of new buildings means that they are kept busy for most of the year. However, enquires about tanking and new damp courses for existing modern buildings, in London were, until recently, quite rare. That all changed in late December when three flood warnings were issued for the capital. Since then they have seen a steady stream of enquiries.

The Greater London Authority states that 680,000 properties in the capital are vulnerable to flooding. On their website, they remind Londoners of this risk and ask them to read and act upon the Environment Agency's advice in their brochure entitled 'What to do before, during and after a flood'. Homeowners, who live in properties at risk of flooding, are advised to tank their floors and/or install new, higher,damp proofing. London residents seem to be taking this advice seriously. Enquires about both tanking and installing higher damp courses have risen since late December. Many homeowners are taking the warnings seriously as well as taking these steps they are installing flood defences to minimise the damage a flood could do to their property.

Basement conversions are also generating more work for damp specialists
The damp proof specialists, London & Home Counties, have had their fair share of these enquires and extra work. They have also seen demand for basement damp proofing rise. Many London property owners are maximising the space they have available, by turning their basements into habitable space. Rising rents in the capital seem to be fuelling this demand. Rents and property prices have reached the point where converting basement and cellar space has become economically viable in many parts of London.

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