Savvy, Inc. Releases Free eBook: A Lawyer's Guide to Generating Leads and Landing Clients Online

Lawyers and law firms are among the last holdouts to the Internet revolution. This free eBook, "A Lawyer's Guide to Generating Leads and Landing Clients Online," offers advice for lawyers who want to build a robust internet presence with websites, blogs and social media.

Online PR News – 06-March-2013 – PORTLAND, ME – Lawyers and law firms are among the last holdouts to the Internet revolution, said Dennis Bailey, president of Savvy, Inc., a leading public relations and inbound marketing firm in Portland, Maine.

"Despite the fact that millions of people turn to the web every day to find everything from the best pizza to the best doctor," Bailey said, "a lot of lawyers are still reluctant to embrace this technology as a way to reach new clients."

That's why Bailey is offering a free ebook, "A Lawyer's Guide to Generating Leads and Landing Clients Online." The eBook explains how lawyers can utilize their website, social media and blogging to better market their services and get found when people are searching on the web for legal help.

Bailey said many lawyers simply don't believe their potential clients are using search engines like Google to find a lawyer, relying instead on referrals and word-of-mouth suggestions from friends and colleagues. That view is shortsighted, Bailey explains.

"People will always rely on their friends and family for recommendations and referrals," he said. "But a lot of those friends and family members are finding out who the best lawyers are from reading about them online. You can't underestimate the web's influence."

Bailey said if lawyers don't think that potential clients are searching for lawyers online, they should go to Google Keywords Tool and type in "lawyers in [their city or state]."

"They'll find that tens of thousands of people are searching on that very term and others like it every month, and unless you have a robust web presence, they won't find you or your firm."

"A Lawyer's Guide to Generating Leads and Landing Clients Online" provides convincing evidence on the effectiveness of blogs and social media in generating leads and landing clients. It offers tips on how law firms can optimize their website and blog to rank higher on search engines, and how social media allows lawyers to advertise their services without really advertising.

"It's amazing to me how many lawyers still spend money advertising in The Yellow Pages," Bailey said. "But when was the last time you looked up anything in the Yellow Pages? The Internet, the World Wide Web and especially Google have changed almost everything we do from connecting with people and communicating with friends and colleagues, to booking a flight and shopping for products and services. Its even changed how people and companies find a good lawyer."

"A Lawyer's Guide to Generating Leads and Landing Clients Online" is available for download free on Savvy's website.

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