A New Breed of Social Networking Site Introduced by GlowTrend

A social media networking site that has everything a user would want giving them no reason to look somewhere else.

Online PR News – 11-March-2013 – Chandigarh – A social media networking site that has everything a user would want giving them no reason to look somewhere else.

Since its release in August 28, 2012, the new breed of social media network created by Michael Wellman Jr. has proven to be very successful in the social networking industry. The number of users on the website has increased largely in numbers due to the features it has incorporated based on what is seen on other networking sites.

The intention of the creation of the website is to allow the user to find everything he needs in just one place. At www.glowtrend.com, users do not have to visit other websites to look for videos or listen to music or even find friends that have been missing in action for years. As what Mr. Wellman boasted about his brainchild, it is a collaboration of all the important features from all established social networking websites.

He was quoted in saying, I wanted a social media site that would bring everything good in other social media sites into one place and still be able to work with the other places that is why we let you connect with GlowTrend through other major social media sites.

The unique feature of GlowTrend which pulls new member in is the ability of users to still be able to access the website while being logged in to other social networking sites. The success was not expected by GlowTrends officials however, with the accessibility and features of the website will naturally drive new members to join.

A registered member can use the variety of features found at the website such as the friend suggestions, instant messenger, view user posts before becoming friends, create events with a date and time, a blog space where users are allowed to post his own blogs and import blogs from other sites and company pages to market a business or product.

With all these features, it is impossible for GlowTrend not to stay on top of the social networking sites

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