Oil Gone Easy Considered for the Cleanup Process of Gulf Oil Spill in America

Oil Gone Easy S-200, a green, environmentally safe method used for remediating oil in shallow water and on land, is now being used by some environmental contractors in the Gulf Oil Spill cleanup process.

Online PR News – 18-May-2010 – – Oil Gone Easy S-200, an eco-friendly oil spill cleaner, which has been successfully implemented in treating oil spill disasters, such as Exxon Valdez Spill in Alaska and Prestige Tanker Spill in Spain is now being used by some environmental contractors in the Gulf Oil Spill cleanup process.

S-200 is a green, environmentally safe method that effectively remediates oil in shallow water and on land. It simply bonds to the oil and condenses the sheen and is capable of shrinking a football field-size oil slick into a glob of oil. After this process the bacteria present in the surrounding water would break down the oil into water and carbon dioxide. In this way oil would be effectively broken down even before it reaches the shore.

The State of Louisiana after taking into consideration the testimony provided to the Louisiana State Government has suggested that BP consider using Oil Gone Easy S-200 for the cleanup process and negotiations are underway. BP is more focused on using dispersants and other older cleaning technologies that are part of their existing contingency plan and hence appear to be reluctant to use S-200.

BP uses kerosene based dispersant called Corexit which EPA recommends using only at deep waters due to its toxic nature. The dispersants when reach ashore can be as dangerous as the oil spill itself and can seep through shell fish beds and under shore. BP also does not appear to have a remediation plan in place to deal with oil that washes up on shore.

Taking all this into account, Oil Gone Easy S-200 seems to be the ideal solution to deal with Gulf Oil Spill cleanup.

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