Entrepreneur with a big heart helps small businesses get back on their feet

DeWayne Dunko understands the economic climate like no other. His simple philosophy entails walking in the shoes of an entrepreneur to get a handle on the problems.

Online PR News – 30-March-2013 – Tampa, FL – The current economic climate, to put it mildly, is depressing. Small and medium businesses have faced unprecedented challenges in the last few years prompting several business owners to call it a day or file for bankruptcy. Those that survive are either in serious trouble or are on the verge of giving up.

However, there is a silver lining to the dark clouds of gloom, some small businesses have taken the bull by the horns and have engaged the services of financial experts to bail them out of the current mess. Such companies are now showing signs of recovery after a protracted period of no or minimal growth.

Thankfully there are people like DeWayne Dunko, CEO and President of BizSales, who bring cheer to those facing hard times. DeWayne is a specialist in turning around companies. BizSales is one of the few companies that helped businesses make a turnaround in these depressing times. Using time tested and unique methodologies, perfected over a period of 30 years, Dewayne has changed the fortunes of several companies and firmly set them on a path of sustained growth.

DeWayne Dunko understands the economic climate like no other. His simple philosophy entails walking in the shoes of an entrepreneur to get a handle on the problems. He is assisted by over 800 professionals spread across the length and breadth of the US that help him implement innovative solutions for clients.

DeWayne is no armchair consultant. He has founded multi-million dollar companies and sits on the board of several others as CEO, Secretary, or Chairman. Most enterprises he was associated with were successful in bucking the trend and are now reporting healthy bottom lines.

A passionate businessman with a keen interest in marketing, DeWayne worked in several companies at key positions after completing his education. His hands on approach and flair for solving complex business problems saw him rise in all the companies he worked in. Today he is the CEO and President of BizSales, a company that helps struggling entrepreneurs achieve financial stability through increased brand equity and sound financial planning.

Apart from his business commitments DeWayne is also active in the community. Of special interest is the Alzheimer Chapter of New York where he contributes and serves. He also dedicates a substantial amount of time to help people fight cancer and is involved in supporting families dealing with disabilities.

A family man with strong faith DeWayne is an active member of his church and loves spending time with his children. An avid golfer, he spends his weekends on the beaches of Florida with his children or on golf courses.

DeWayne has perfected the art of rescuing companies from the brink. His mantra or expertise lies in identifying and discarding processes and assets that drain an enterprise’s resources, thus setting them free to focus on their core competence.


Dewayne Dunko
505, East Jackson Street, Tampa, FL 33605, USA
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Dewayne Dunko
505, East Jackson Street, Tampa, FL 33605
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