Ami Adini and Associates Inc Launches Environmental Awareness Website

Ami Adini and Associates Inc. Environment Awareness site has just gone live. Dedicated to enriching understanding of the environment, the site goes a step further with an involvement theme inviting awareness and easy-participation ideas at several levels.

Online PR News – 06-April-2013 – Los Angeles, CA – Even at a glance, this is not a usual website. Found at, the site starts out on its home page with a striking image giving an impression of both alive and “dead” environment comparative. With clean lines and a trifecta theme of clean water, clean air and green earth, they have even spruced up the traditional “Recycle” symbol giving it a pro-environment, pro-life feel.

Going through this site, one does not get the idea of the mounting decay and deplorable aspects of Earth irresponsibility. In other words, it is not just droning the bad truth about the plastic islands in the oceans or how bad it all is with water or air pollution. Rather, one gets the idea of pro-environment possibilities, action and accomplishments.

There is a video info page with a varied selection. It gives a fun look at the idea of upcoming electric cars from German car manufacturer BMW. There is a video suggesting practical ways individuals can improve the environment with an “everyone can do something” feel. If you want to understand the major oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, there is also a video for that.

With an article submission page, it is also clear they are fully open to pro-action from the Earth friendliness community. One can submit an article or articles for posting on the site.

One notable element of the site is the credit to its sponsor, devoting more than a full page to AA&A as a champion of environment betterment. The company, with decades of service in the environment clean-up arena, boasts the ability to transform major or minor chemical dump sites into life-form friendly places in a lot of cases. Harnessing the power of certain microorganisms, they can convert harmful petroleum-based chemicals of various kinds from being toxic to a quality where a body could virtually drink previously saturated groundwater.

The news section of this brand new site has some fun facts and some significant elements, not the least of which is announcement of an upcoming global energy forum and convention.

The site looks promising and its purpose is apparent: to promote environmental responsibility and awareness on many fronts. The site itself does not leave one depressed nor with a bad taste on hot environment issues – more likely one comes away with food for thought and some clear possibilities. With the launching of this website, AA&A, the site sponsor, has started yet another good thing.

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