Sadigh Gallery's Recent Acquisitions

Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art is proud to introduce its latest acquisitions which include over 200 artifacts, most of which represents the fascinating culture of ancient Egypt.

Online PR News – 04-April-2013 – New York, NY – Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art is proud to introduce its latest acquisitions which include over 200 artifacts, most of which represents the fascinating culture of ancient Egypt.

Sadigh Gallery aims to topple the popular misconception that collecting antiquities is an expensive hobby. All that is old is not expensive is a common slogan we use often at Sadigh Gallery, and it is a principle we adhere to in our business practices. That is why the vast majority of the artifacts in our collection are offered at affordable wholesale prices. Granted we have some antiquities in our collection, rare and exquisite pieces, that are priced for thousands of dollars, we are however proud to state that we also offer pieces that is ideal for any kind of budget.

Among our latest addition is a rare sandstone wall fragment from 18th Dynasty Egypt. This Sandstone carving depicts Amun, the Egyptian sky God who came to be regarded as a sun God and the head of the Egyptian pantheon. Amun is seen here with a chin beard and wearing a flat headdress with the Uraeus cobra symbol in the front. Around him are a cartouche and various Egyptian symbols and hieroglyphs.

Another rare piece, in our recent acquisition, is an Egyptian mummy mask again from the 18th Dynasty. In ancient Egypt, fine linen was used to wrap the head and neck of a mummy. They had religious significance and were intended to help the dead move from the mortal to the immortal world and to protect the physical body from harm.

Sadigh Gallery has also acquired a sizable collection of scarabs. Scarabs were once placed on the throat, chest, or heart of the Mummy. Some were worn by the deceased on a necklace, or mounted in gold settings as a pectoral. Heart scarabs provided the bearer with the assurance that at the final judgment as depicted in the Book of the Dead, the bearer would be found “True of Voice” and accepted into the eternal afterlife by the God Osiris.

There is also beautiful ancient jewelry such as the very ornate and exquisite 22kt gold filigree bird pendant, from Persia, with decorative details on the body and tail. Also, there are various rings, amulets, plaques, statues, figurines – laden with various Egyptian symbols such as ankhs and the eye of Horus and depicting various ancient Egyptian gods such as Isis, Nefertum, Anubis, Osiris and so much more.

Here at Sadigh Gallery, customer satisfaction is our number one priority! All of our antiquities are guaranteed authentic, and all items are sent with a Lifetime Certificate of Authenticity issued by the Gallery. We provide secure and professional packing to ensure safe delivery, and there is a return privilege for any reason for a full refund of the purchase price.

About Sadigh Gallery Ancient Art:
Sadigh Gallery is a family-owned art gallery specializing in ancient artifacts and coins from around the world. The gallery was established in 1978 as a small mail order company which was operated by one man, Michael Sadigh. After achieving much success, he then moved to the current location on 303 Fifth Avenue in Manhattan in 1982. Our gallery is open to the public, Monday - Friday, 10am-6pm. Please call us ahead to schedule your visit.

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