Award-winning Journalist Denise Sharpton Becomes Mental Hygienist

A lot of focus is given to physical fitness but not so much on

mental efficiency. We must have good mental hygiene to

achieve mind health. Good thought habits and spirituality are

key. Sharpton interviews renowned Bishop.

Online PR News – 05-April-2013 – Miami, Florida – Former award-winning veteran journalist and entrepreneur Denise Sharpton

has launched the website Mind Health Mind Health is a free

online magazine providing Spiritual Principles of right thinking to help discipline

your mind for right thoughts, actions, choices and decision-making regarding Career,

Business, Finances, Health, Relationships and everyday challenges.

As it relates to health, a lot of focus is given to physical fitness but not so

much focus when it comes to mental efficiency, Sharpton says. Adding, “We must have

good mental hygiene to achieve mind health. And mind health is predicated on having

good thought habits and being spiritually minded”.

“Faith, a spiritual principle of right thinking, has propelled me to defy

tremendous odds and achieve great personal and career success. In fact, when an ABC-

TV news executive told me I wouldn’t be able to break into the news business without

going back to college for a journalism degree, I employed faith, and defied those

“Without a journalism degree, I became a news anchor/reporter in two of the

nation’s largest markets—Dallas and New York and have authored more than 500 magazine,

newspaper and book review articles ,” says Sharpton. My website’s purpose is to help

people apply Spiritual Principles to their thinking to enhance their mind’s health and

help them develop a mindset to achieve desired outcomes in all areas of their life.

Mind Health kicks-off with a featured interview with nationally renowned

pastor, Bishop James D. Adams, in a 5-part series: “Role of Spirituality and Mind


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