Party Animal Pet Food Provides USDA Approved Nutritious Organic Pet Food

Party Animal Pet Food is pleased to announce that their line of safe and nutritious organic pet food is approved and regulated by USDA's National Organic Program.

Online PR News – 06-May-2013 – West Hollywood, CA – Party Animal Pet Food is pleased to announce that their line of safe and nutritious organic pet food is approved and regulated by USDA's National Organic Program. This regulation means that their pet food contains at least 95% organic ingredients, allowing them to display the USDA seal on their packaging. USDA organic food for pets is required to meet the same standards as food for human consumption, making it the healthiest and safest option for pet food.

Party Animal's USDA certified organic pet food, which includes a line of organic dog food and organic cat food, is very strictly regulated so that pet lovers can rest assured knowing they are receiving the very best quality of organic pet food. Unfortunately, there are many manufacturers that claim their pet food is organic without having USDA certification. By not meeting USDA standards, these manufactures have no way to verify their claims, making consumers take them for their word without providing any proof. Pet owners need to be aware that these so-called organic pet foods typically aren't organic at all.

There are certain criteria that the pet food must meet in order to be approved by USDA as organic. If an organic version of an ingredient is available, it must be used in the pet food. Genetically modified organisms (GMOs), antibiotics or growth hormones are prohibited. The food must also be free of artificial colors, flavors and any added preservatives. Only pet food that that can meet all of these requirements is to be considered truly organic. Party Animal Pet Food is committed to maintaining these standards and providing high quality organic pet food to those who love their animals.

USDA requires producers of organic pet food to have their manufacturing facilities inspected annually to ensure all standards are being met. Party Animal Pet Food is pleased to announce that they have continued to pass these inspections and that great care is taken at each stage of manufacturing to ensure only safe products are used in the handling of their organic pet food.

Some studies have shown that eating food with harmful chemicals and pesticides may have long-term harmful effects on pets, just as it does with humans. Organic pet food could potentially reduce an animal's chance of getting sick and provide them with better overall health and a longer life.

Party Animal Pet Food created their own healthier alternative to traditional pet food after having a difficult time finding a safe organic dog food on the market. They are dedicated to providing a truly organic pet food made of only the finest ingredients available. Not only is their pet food hormone and pesticide-free, but animals love the great taste, and pet owners can rest easy knowing their animals are getting the healthiest meal option on the market.

Party Animal Pet Food is available for purchase at independent pet stores throughout the USA. Pet Owners are encouraged to visit to find a retailer that carries the organic pet food in their store.

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