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Digital Advertising drives growth in bookings and guest engagement.

Online PR News – 14-May-2013 – Torrance, CA – May 7, 2013 – Recent reports indicate that the hospitality and hotel industry is continuing its resurgence. Rebounding from the difficulties of 2008 and 2009, the hotel industry saw approximately $10 billion in new hotels open in the U.S. during 2012 (STR Global). And the industry shows little signs of slowing in 2013, with the U.S. hotel industry reporting increases in all three key performance metrics during the first quarter (STR Global). Analysts agree that one key factor driving this recovery is video and digital advertising.

"Travelers want more than just a few pictures when seeking to book reservations online,” said Eric Prevette, Managing Principle at Unique Hospitality Resources ( “They have a measurably stronger response to dynamic video footage that provides a virtual ‘property tour,’ featuring the lobby, restaurants, rooms, spa and featured amenities. Video is the perfect way to convey to potential guests the experience they can expect at a particular property. Having your staff tell the story of your property, provide an insider perspective and welcome guests through video is the perfect way to demonstrate hospitality.”

Whenever you have an opportunity to let your guests tell your story, do it. Having them share their own positive experiences is perhaps the best way to persuade others to choose your location and book a reservation.

PixelFish, a leading provider of offline, online and broadcast video solutions for medium-sized to large businesses nationwide, has been providing video to hoteliers and hospitality industry marketers for years, but has definitely seen a rise in interest in recent months.

“It seems that every hospitality website is now adding video,” said Lilly Swardstrom, PixelFish President. “Although websites are the obvious choice, we are seeing an increase demand for instream advertising and distribution. Video allows you to sell an experience, which is what the hospitality industry is all about. Couple that with the ability to distribute to a targeted audience, and you have a perfect marketing solution.

“People rely on video to provide them a virtual experience,” Swardstrom continued. “Guest testimonials also have a great influence on a person’s decision to choose one property over another.”

Prevette agrees. “Whenever you have an opportunity to let your guests tell your story, do it. Having them share their own positive experiences is perhaps the best way to persuade others to choose your location and book a reservation.”

James Crank, President of RVD, Inc. and Asset Manager of the Beverly Garland Hotel ( is also convinced. “Since the Beverly Garland Hotel always strives to enhance the guest experience,” he contends, “we’ve found that video can provide a broad, personalized approach.

“Although marketing on our website is crucial,” Crank continues, “it’s the other areas that we’ve utilized video for that sets us apart. To the screens in our trolleys that provide our guests an overview of hotel and local activities to being able to personally welcome guests through our in-room video, the virtual experience is an essential part in reaching each guest."

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