Construction Loan Alert: Good News for Today's Home Buyers and Remodelers? Loan Expert Says Yes

California Construction Loans is stepping up their efforts to make construction loans more accessible to homeowners and remodelers. A new informational guide, "Construction Loan Inside Secrets" reveals the best tips for getting the best loans.

Online PR News – 05-June-2013 – San Diego, CA – While it felt like the real estate market would never come back after reaching an all time low in 2005, today’s results say otherwise. In fact, the residential construction and remodeling industry has seen a steady increase since then. Expansion of the building and remodeling market is up 35% over that time and is expected to continue, particularly in California.

California new home construction has grown by 36 percent since the downturn. But is now the right time to seek financing for those families wanting to remodel or build new homes? The answer is a definite yes according to Construction Loan expert Rick Gomez.

As Gomez, Branch Manager with California Construction Loans, confirmed, "Every day we access information that saves our customers thousands of dollars in building expenses. And as a subsidiary of Nationwide Construction Loans Inc., our relationships with lending companies extend throughout California and across the entire country. That’s one reason how we can deliver the best loan values and lowest interest rates in the industry.”

Every day we can access information that saves our customers thousands of dollars in building expenses.

California Construction Loans is stepping up their efforts to make construction loans more accessible to homeowners. They offer a free construction loan appraisal to all new customers, as well as the choice of several varying loan packages. A free quote from multiple lenders is available here:

For those who already own land and an existing home but want to expand, loans are based on the finished value of the remodel. For customers who own, or plan to purchase land, several loans are available. These include: construction only loans, owner builder loans or construction to perm loans.

Customers interested in purchasing land for future construction may choose a temporary land loan until ready to build. If they wish to combine their land purchase with construction of a new home, that too can become a reality. The customer need only provide approved house plans and a cost breakdown.

Gomez also offered one more valuable tip, “We’ve been doing this for years. Interested homeowners can access our knowledgebase of insider tips and best kept secrets about construction loans. That critical information is available for immediate access via our web site.”

A newly updated 22-page informative and no-cost guide, “Construction Loan Inside Secrets” is available for immediate download here:

About California Construction Loans:
California Construction Loans is America's ultimate source for home building loans. With the approvals of and working relationships with all major banks and lending institutions, California Construction Loans has the necessary experience, reputation and diverse loan choices so important to today’s homeowners. And because California Construction Loans processes so many loans, customers can expect the best available loan values and interest rates.

California Construction Loans brings hundreds of lenders together to provide customers with countless construction loan sources from all across the United States. California Construction Loans is a subsidiary of Nationwide Construction Loans, Inc. Nationwide Construction Loans also provides construction consulting services for any building project. It’s all part of the company mission of worry-free loans and maximum savings benefits to every customer.

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