Big-Shot Enterprise Client Used Export Notes to Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2007

It was a time of great celebration and great rejoice when SysTools became the proud vendor to serve one of the industry’s leading entrepreneurs assisting him to migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2007.

Online PR News – 11-June-2013 – Florida – Gothenburg, Sweden, June 10, 2013 – A topnotch entrepreneur contacted SysTools when he needed a solution to ( Migrate Lotus Notes to Outlook 2007 and the team was all spellbound at that call. The vendor greatly assisted him in the migration and he was all happy to know that finally he could retain all his data into the new messaging environment from the previous one. It was a time of great celebration for the team of SysTools as they don’t get to help such big guns every day. The company even had a small tea party to celebrate this occasion after the client used the tool and appreciated it tool. The team that was straight away involved in his assistance was given a token of appreciation from the senior management for doing a good job.

SysTools Export Notes tool is a complete end-to-end migration solution for the users who wish to change their messaging platform environment from Lotus Notes as earlier to Microsoft’s Outlook as the new chosen one email tool. Besides just converting emails from one end to another i.e. from ( Notes to Outlook Conversion, it also converts other mailbox data like contacts, contact distribution lists, journals, calendar data along with recurrent entries too, hyperlinks, attachments, email properties and meta data including date and time of emails that are communicated through this system, notes, tasks, appointments, events, meeting reminders, birthdays, anniversaries and other mailbox data. The software has a demo version that allows a user to have a look-and-feel of the tool so that he does not bump into its purchase directly and have some idea about the functionality of the tool much before.

Martin Spark, the chief admin officer, says, “When we were approached by this big-shot industrialist to use our tool, we were in some kind of shock, obviously a pleasant one that such a head honcho is approaching us for help. Making him use our tool and like it was not at all a challenge for us when we were approached by him, as we were very much confident about our tool that it will work wonders for his need; and it actually did that way. He was impressed and we were jubilant.”

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