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Miami Dentist Says Solving Head and Neck Pain Is Like Landing an Airplane

Dr. Hamid Nassery of Real Smile Dental Spa in Miami Beach examines intricate jaw muscles to relieve patient discomfort

Online PR News – 27-June-2013 – Miami, FL – According to Dr. Hamid Nassery, a specialist at Real Smile Dental Spa in Miami Beach, patients who suffer from ongoing head and neck pain have hope. While the precise type and location of head and neck pain differ from patient to patient, the key to solving these concerns is the same—According to Dr. Nassery, it’s a little like landing an airplane.

When we discover the cause of their pain and provide a solution, they simply can’t believe it.

“When landing a plane, the pilot must control three movements: the pitch (the angle or steepness of the approach), the roll (the straightness of the approach), and the yaw (the evenness from right to left),” says Dr. Nassery. “If the angle is too steep, the nose will damage. If it’s too high, the tail drags and breaks. If the approach is sideways instead of straight, the head is one direction and the tail is another, and who knows what will happen. Finally, if one side hits before the other, it means major damage to the plane. The same is true when working with the jaw—but luckily, both in air travel and in dental work, sophisticated tools and human expertise can handle these issues.”

Dr. Nassery and his team at Real Simple Dental Spa use computerized technology and specialized training to examine what they call the jaw’s pitch, roll, and yaw. As the lower jaw moves towards the upper jaw, the teeth proximate for an aligned landing—and if the brain perceives inaccuracies, it will activate certain compensating muscles to pull the jaw to make the teeth land well. While this helps the teeth, it strains the muscles, giving many patients pain.

Using what’s called neuromuscular dentistry, Dr. Nassery’s office looks for a jaw position where the muscles are happiest, captures and records that position, and fabricates an orthotic to fit over the lower teeth to keep them in that position. This orthotic mimics a good bite, or landing, and gives patients relief from headaches and neck pains caused by strained muscles.

“I see so many head, neck, and myofacial pain patients who think they have migraines, sinus, and/or tension headaches. Often they’ve sought help for years or even decades, but all their x-rays, MRIs, and CAT scans have revealed nothing wrong. They want to give up,” said Dr. Nassery. “When we discover the cause of their pain and provide a solution, they simply can’t believe it.”

About Real Smile Dental Spa: Located in Miami Beach, Florida, Dr. Nassery and his team provide comprehensive cosmetic dental services, including orthodontic treatment, cosmetic fillings, bone grafting, and veneers. Visit the dentist Miami has been talking about!

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