Makkah Islamic Calendar - Announcement about starting Ramadan 2013 (Ramadan 1434)

Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar is considered very holy month. It is also referred as Ramazan is some parts of the world.

Online PR News – 29-June-2013 – Soudi arabs/ Makkah – Ramadan, the ninth month of the Islamic Calendar is considered very holy month. It is also referred as Ramazan is some parts of the world. The duration of Ramadan is either 29 days or 30 days based on the visibility conditions of the new moon. Muslims around the world observes Fasting during the month of Ramadan. Eid ul Fitr or beginning of the Shawwal marks the end of the Ramadan and it is celebrated with the great enthusiasm all over the world.

Every year, start date of Ramadan is declared based on the visibility conditions of the new moon. Makkah Calendar website has prepared Islamic calendar for Makkah based on the predicted visibility of the new moon. Based on the concept of the extended visibility, “Makkah Calendar” has announced dates for start of Ramadan 2013 (Ramadan 1434) for various countries of the world. As per Makkah Calendar site, the Start of Ramadan 2013 is on 9th July 2013 for whole Americas and Some countries of the Africa and on 10th July 2013 for rest of the countries in the world. The methodology for starting Ramadan 2013 (Ramadan 1434) can be summarized as follows.
The month will begin next day if: (1) the new moon is born (2) if the young crescent is visible in the evening sky of the place considered, or (3) if it is visible at somewhere to the west of the place before fajr there. Otherwise the month will last a day longer.

Based on the above criteria, the list of countries where Ramadan 2013 should start on 9th July and where 10th july 2013 has been prepared and published in Ramadan 2013 announcement section of Makkah Calendar website. One thing to note here is that all visibility predictions of new moon are based on the algorithm of B.D.Yallop to predict the visibility of the new moon. As per the Photo Gallery of the Makkah Caledar website, the predictions have been accurate.

For Ramadan, point 30 S 145 W near French Polynesia has been taken as a reference point to decide if Ramadan 2013 can start on 9th July 2013 or on 10th July 2013. Based on the crescent visibility predictions, new moon will be easily visible at this particular location and hence, taken as a reference point. Detailed calculations which explain extended visibility conditions for various parts of the world on 8th July 2013 are available on Makkah Calendar website.
The conclusion section of Ramadan 2013 (Ramadan 1434) start is worth noting and it is as follows.

The concept of extended visibility to the west of a place before fajr in the place has allowed us to publish the dates of the beginning of Ramadan 2013 for various countries. In future we intend to integrate this concept of extended visibility in our visibility curves themselves. This will lead us to an authentic, legitimate and rigorously exact calendar for all places in the world.

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