Humanitarian Space Agency SpaceUnited Celebrates First Birthday

Denver - SpaceUnited, a nonprofit humanitarian space agency, celebrates its one year anniversary just as America celebrates 237 years of independence.

Online PR News – 04-July-2013 – Denver/CO – Alyssa Davis

Denver - SpaceUnited, a nonprofit humanitarian space agency, celebrates its one year anniversary just as America celebrates 237 years of independence.

For many nonprofit organizations, the first year is the hardest. Many falter, but SpaceUnited has succeeded and continues to succeed as July 4th approaches. SpaceUnited has launched a successful high-altitude weather balloon and continues to fundraise for several other projects including satellite imagery donation and sustainable housing construction.

SHIM-1 (Satellite Humanitarian Imagery Mission) will help relief organizations by giving them digital imagery from space. The images will then be used to improve humanitarian initiatives including disaster recovery, water management, and civil rights. HOME-1 (Human Optimized Modular Environment) strives to eliminate homelessness across the globe and eventually be used in space to house people on the moon or Mars. The resulting structures will be off-the-grid, affordable housing.

"The first year is by far the hardest for any nonprofit, especially one that is breaking new ground like SpaceUnited. Not only has the organization survived for a year, it's thrived.

Our team has steadily grown all over the world with the addition of many volunteers in the form of staffers, advisors, and directors. Additionally, we've created a significant community in the form of donors, followers, and readers.

In short, SpaceUnited has proven that a publicly driven, international, nonprofit, humanitarian, space agency is a concept that the world will embrace. Now we just have to share the idea with anyone and everyone who hasn't heard about it yet," said development engineer Adam Brinckerhoff.

Founder Troy Dunn added "There are two futures: a bleak one and one full of grand adventure. One where the sun balloons into a red giant and every living thing on Earth dies. And one where humanity continues to explore; venturing outwards into the stars. SpaceUnited chooses to believe in the latter and we are working to ensure that this long term visions happens in such a way that it benefits all life. This is a big idea. Definitely not something that happens overnight or in one year. But there is a need for SpaceUnited and a need for a positive vision of the future. As a public organization, the opportunity to get involved is there. The question is do you believe in a future where humanity explores the Universe and are you willing to help make this possible?"

Though there arenít any events planned for this occasion, SpaceUnited asks that you raise a glass and toast humanitarian space exploration.

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