Hangout PlugIn Offers a Hassle Free Webinar Solution by Harnessing the Power of Google+ Hangouts

Social media just got its wake up call. Walt Bayliss founder of has launched Hangout PlugIn combines the power of Google+ Hangouts and YouTube to create a powerful social media marketing tool.

Online PR News – 11-July-2013 – Melbourne, Australia – Walt Bayliss has officially put the social media marketing business on notice. Creating webinars is now faster, easier and more profitable than ever.

Google+ Hangouts are so powerful that even President Obama has used Google+ Hangouts for live conferences. Hollywood is also using Google+ Hangouts incredible webinar software technology to launch the latest blockbusters.

Google+ Hangouts are popular because you can instantly connect with your audience face to face via online webinars. It delivers a high quality video and allows you to deliver superior customer service for better customer relations and long term success.

Walt Bayliss has taken these benefits and optimized them for business by creating Hangout Plugn gives you features that are not readily available when using a Google+ Hangout like registration, setting up reminders and follow-ups. You can even connect to autoresponder accounts with Waltís plugin. Without the plug in you will not have these features.

This isn't blowing smoke...I've literally saved two companies well over $6000 each. ~Drew Griffin

As Walt Bayliss added, ďMy Hangout Plugin has done the webinar industry one better. Where most options for webinars are costly with limited options Hangout PlugIn provides easy setup, unlimited sessions and unlimited spots for attendees at one low price.Ē

Walt Bayliss has identified key problems with webinars. Traditional webinars are expensive, require quite a bit of time to learn and force you to cap your audience at a limited amount. Social Media Marketing is being taken to a new level with Hangout PlugIn.

Hangout PlugIn is a one-time cost. There are no monthly fees and you arenít paying fees even though you may not have anything to present.

Hangout PlugIn allows you an unlimited number of attendees. Traditional webinars cap your attendance numbers. This forces you to pay extra for more people.

Hangout PlugIn allows you to use other social media to promote which in turn revs up attendance and increases sales.

This powerful tool takes your business to the next level of social media marketing. It is a hassle free way to build connections, attendance and promote. These are just some examples of an entire Google+ Hangout solution.

Everything you need to know about this exciting new tool is at

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Walt Bayliss has years of experience as a software developer and entrepreneur. Walt founded Universal Media Online in the early part of the new millennium. Universal Media Online is a group consisting of Social Media, Internet Marketing and associated services and products.

His focus is on providing high quality software and systems as a professional online marketer. Walt wants to find and offer easy solutions for everybody. Hangout PlugIn is easy for anyone to use. It provides the business end of a new growing social media marketing tool, Google+ Hangout.

Google+ Hangout is part of the family of Google products.

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About Universal Online Media. Founded by Walt Bayliss in the early part of the new Millenium, Universal Media Online is a group consisting of Social Media, Internet Marketing and associated services and products.

"My focus is on providing high quality software and systems as a professional online Marketer. Personally - I feel that the biggest thing in life to achieve is freedom. Choices make us great. Choose wisely. We choose daily on small areas that compound over time to form our life. You can achieve ANYTHING you set your mind to if you are willing to Never Never give up." ~Walt Bayliss

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