Green Panel Max the leading manufacturer and supplier of eco-friendly and quality product of MDF

Medium density fiberboard is a wood particle that is mostly used in manufacturing or reconstructing projects or work. We can treat MDF as an eco friendly way of using timber.

Online PR News – 09-August-2013 – New Delhi, Delhi, India, August 2, 2013 – New Delhi, Delhi, India, August 2, 2013:- Green Panel Max is the one and only unified manufacturer in India offers to their client’s a quality product of MDF boards, plywood, decorative laminates, block boards, flush doors and decorative veneers. Green Panel Max Industries Limited also famous as GIL is India's bigger interior frame work company which offers their quality services in to your budget with its full affordability.

Medium density fiberboard is a wood particle that is mostly used in manufacturing or reconstructing projects or work. We can treat MDF as an eco friendly way of using timber. MDF is a precise product as per the rule the finer the particle, the compact it can be constricted to form a denser, robust panel. In many areas Medium density fiberboard performs better than the solid wood because of its high grade nature and its compound structure. Medium density fiberboard so smooth and uniform and because of this it is used in molding and cabinetry. MDF is not affected by temperature because it is created with glued with pressure and heat.

Green Panel Max presented MDF in three types which are plain MDF, Pre–laminated MDF, and Veneered MDF:-

Green Panel Max offers Plain MDF in different Grades:

• Grade I (Exterior grade) boards are produce with melamine formaldehyde formulated resins.
• Grade II (Interior grade)

Green Panel Max Pre–laminated MDF is accessible in these types:

• Grade I (Exterior)
• Grade II (Interior)
• One-side laminated (OSL)
• One-side bare (OSB)
• Both-side laminated (BSL)

Green Panel Max Veneered MDF available in:

• One Side Teak (OST)
• Both Side Teak (BST)
• OST (Premium)
• BST (Premium)

Green Panel Max has introduced MDF panel under its Green panel max brand. Manufacture using renewable and agro-forestry resources, these panels certified by Indian Green Building Council (IGBC). They are dense and have a smooth finish which have is suitable for moulding, carving, lattice and laser cutting. The panel’s homogenous structure resembles timber. These eco-friendly panels are available in interior, exterior and cheaper industrial grades. There are termite and borer resistant and can be used as an attractive alternative to plywood as they can be painted, polished, laminated and veneered.

Benefits of MDF that are made by Greenply:-

1. It is dense and flat
Medium density fiberboard is machined of fine particles and because of this its surface grain is not affected by paint. When you painted then MDF produces a smooth surface.
2. It is Functional and Eco-friendly
MDF used in many applications like shelving, making kitchen cabinet, creating molding, doors, furniture for home and offices, and laminate flooring. Most people prefer to use MDF as opposed to plywood because it is eco-friendly.
3. Get it on Affordable price
It provides durability also benefit from low cost as compared to plywood.

About Green Panel Max: - Green Panel Max is the biggest laminate company in Asia and in the way of capacity it is reputed as the 5th largest company in the world. Green Panel Max is here to provide a wide collection of MDF boards, plywood, decorative laminates with their extensive features through which you get more and more profits.

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