Emergency Pet Food Now Available At OffgridOutpost.com

Offgrid Outpost is now selling storable pet food from Legacy Premium via its online storefront http://www.offgridoutpost.com/emergency-food/pet-food.html.

Online PR News – 27-August-2013 – Corpus Chrisi, Texas, US – Offgrid Outpost, an online retailer of storable foods and other emergency and survival supplies, is now selling storable pet food from Legacy Premium via its online storefront http://www.offgridoutpost.com/emergency-food/pet-food.html. The products include Legacy Premium Emergency Cat Food Storage and Legacy Premium Dog Food Storage, both of which provide many nutritious meals and have a 10 year shelf life.

More than three out of five Americans own a pet, with dogs and cats being the two most popular kinds of pets, as reported by marketingcharts.com, but often the pets are forgotten when preparing for emergencies. Legacy Premium’s Emergency Cat and Dog Food Storage are the only long-term solutions on the market that provide a well-balanced diet for cats and dogs.

Marketingcharts.com also reports that over half of Americans allow their pets to sleep in bed with them. Dylan Charles, CEO of Offgrid Outpost, comments, “We are a pet-loving culture, and, for many, pets are like any other member of the family. Until now there weren’t many products in emergency storable food for dogs and cats, hence we are very excited to begin offering a solution to families that want to ensure that their pets are taken care of in case of disaster or economic hardship.”

Legacy Premium Emergency Cat and Dog Food Storage packs are also ideal for organizations such as FEMA and SPCA that help take care of animals during natural disasters. Each food storage pack offers 30 lbs of food which is packaged in a stackable, waterproof, rodent-proof, resealable BPA-free plastic bucket. “Roughly 600,000 pets were killed or were left without a home as a result of Hurricane Katrina,” reported HurricaneKatrinaRelief.com. Safety shelters now have an easily storable pet food solution when preparing for natural disasters, ensuring that stranded pets are nourished during such difficult times.

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Demand for storable foods and survival gear is rising swiftly as consumers become weary of issues such as rising food prices, increasing oil costs, and pollution of our water supply. Additionally, consumers are concerned about their reliance on the food delivery system, which is not prepared to address power outages and extreme weather conditions caused by natural disasters. Offgrid Outpost presents solutions to address these concerns by offering quality and nutritional storable foods, survival tools and supplies, water filtration and storage systems, solar panels, and more. To find out more, contact Offgrid Outpost: online@offgridoutpost.com; T: +1 512 539 0329; http://www.offgridoutpost.com

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