Instant-PaydayLoans Comments on Banning of Access To Payday Loan Sites by the Lambeth Council

Payday loan websites have been banned from the WiiFi network in Lambeth council buildings. Now they want this extended to all public spaces in the borough. So will this stop people using them?

Online PR News – 02-September-2013 – LONDON, Gt. London – It was recently announced that Lambeth council in London would be banning public access to payday loan websites via there WiFi network in public spaces, such as libraries and Government buildings. After this clampdown on payday lenders the council in this borough are taking it a step further and urging the Government to now ban payday loan websites on all other public WiFi networks. This would work much in the same way as the providers currently block X-rated content.

It has been reported that the Council's cabinet minister for finance, Paul McGlone has written to Ed Vaizey, the UK's culture minister, urging for the added step to curb the increase in this type of short term finance.

These sites are not being shoved down customers throats, they are searching for them.

This backlash against the payday loan industry is not uncommon and typifies the type of press that lenders have gotten in the last year. So why are they then so popular? Mark Little from the payday loan website explains further;

"We get applications daily from people who belong to all walks of life, from secretaries to teachers. There really is no set demographic for those applying. The state of lending in the UK today means that those who previously had access to credit cards perhaps don't any more," Little said.

"They see payday loans as an option when faced with bank charges or other urgent bills that will incur added costs. They really do find that they will save money by using a payday loan," Little continued.

Mr. Little thinks that there are some unscrupulous firms within the industry, but does not agree with councils trying to ban access to payday websites.

"These websites are not being shoved down the throats of customers, they are willingly searching for them online. It is all very Orwellian to me," Little said.

The website is a UK loan matching service providing customers with the fastest loan available. They offer a same day loan service and adhere to the practices of responsible lending. was founded by 2 ex-bankers who wished to make short term finance as straight-forward as possible.

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