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MANA Group Fundraising to offer progression to all staff.

Online PR News – 06-September-2013 – New York, New York – FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE

MANA Group Fundraising

MANA Group Fundraising Discuss Company Progression Opportunities

New York, NY, September 2013 Ė MANA Group Fundraising have released a statement this week announcing their in-house promotion strategy and the opportunities they are providing for their staff and prospective candidates.

The report details how the company is made up of entry level sales and marketing staff, team supervisors, assistant managers, managers and administrative staff - not dissimilar to the majority of companies world-wide. One distinctive company policy is that they do no higher-level external recruitment.

ďEverybody starts in the same place; basic trainingĒ commented Managing Director Bart Yates.

ďThere are many applicants who have history of running teams or even businesses who still have to start at the bottom with us, itís just the way we do things, it creates a trusting equality between everyone in the team and itís whatís best for our clients.Ē

The statement also describes that promotions are based on achievement, not seniority so those with a background in similar fields or the right skill set tend to have the edge and are promoted through the ranks with great speed.

ďItís all down to hard work and effort. I think itís hard to take direction from someone who hasnít been in your shoes, this way works for us and I think itís safe to say the whole team agree, most of the time,Ē added Yates.

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