Financial Advisor Keith Thomson Featured in The Globe and Mail

Keith Thomson, a financial advisor and philanthropic financial planner based in Toronto, Canada, was recently featured in a question-and-answer article in The Globe and Mail, a national newspaper.

Online PR News – 09-September-2013 – Toronto, Ontario – Keith Thomson, a financial advisor and philanthropic financial planner based in Toronto, Canada, was recently featured in a question-and-answer article in The Globe and Mail, a national newspaper.

The article, titled “Effective planning transforms ‘involuntary philanthropy’ into meaningful giving,” discusses the importance of charitable giving in a successful financial plan.

“I’m thrilled to offer advice on charitable giving in regards to financial planning, especially through a widespread media outlet like The Globe and Mail. Many Canadians don’t realize they can become philanthropists while also building a strong financial base for their future," said Keith Thomson.

The article was published in early July. Throughout the piece, Thomson answers questions on why charitable giving is so important to financial planning, what assets Canadians should consider when including a gift in their estate plans, as well as advice on how to approach charitable giving.

The piece, a special to The Globe and Mail, is a must-read for Canadians trying to make the most of their financial futures while also supporting the charitable organizations held closest to their hearts.

As an advisor to numerous charities and the Canadian director of the Donor Motivation Program, Thomson is a highly regarded authority on successful charitable fundraising.

For more information about Keith Thomson and his philanthropic financial advising services, visit his website or call (416) 681-7152.


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About Keith Thomson: Keith Thomson is an internationally recognized financial educator, author and consultant, specializing in estate and charitable tax planning. Thomson recently authored the book What Was Your Great Grandmother’s Name? – 50 Thoughts On How Canadian Philanthropy Can Transform You, Your Family And Your Community, and his numerous articles have appeared in publications such as The Globe and Mail and CAmagazine. Hundreds of lawyers, accountants, financial advisors and philanthropic professionals have all benefited from his instruction. By utilizing the strategies revealed in Thomson's presentations, entrepreneurs, professionals and retirees have been able to save and redirect to philanthropic organizations over $10 million of their "social capital," also known as taxes. He currently serves on the Board of Directors of The Power Plant Contemporary Art Gallery and, for over five years, was chair of The African Medical and Research Foundation. Keith has also acted in various leadership roles in the community, including as a past board member of The Toronto Community Foundation.

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