Production of major Sugar Alcohols in China

Bharatbook added a new report on "Production, Market and Manufacturing Cost of Sugar Alcohols in China" which gives comprehensive & detailed & systematic data on each side of sugar alcohol market in China.

Online PR News – 21-June-2010 – – Production, Market and Manufacturing Cost of Sugar Alcohols in China

Great changes of China’s sugar alcohol market takes place in recent years.

Currently, China’s manufacturers of sugar alcohols who are suffering from high production cost gain nearly no profit due to rising cost of raw materials. As the price of main sugar alcohols’ raw materials, corncob and cornstarch, has been soaring recently, especially the former, reaching USD109.81/t in May 2010 from USD46.85/t in 2008. Sugar alcohols are usually used in food, pharmaceutical and daily-care products; about 70% of sugar alcohols are used in production of Vitamin C, toothpaste, brand & cake, candy, sugar-free chewing gum and parental solutions in 2009. There is a consumption uptrend of sugar alcohols in food products, especially healthcare foods. The market share by volume of sugar alcohols in food field grows from about 18% to 22%. ( )

With the improving living standard in China, more and more people choose functional food that is processed by sugar alcohols, like sugar-free chewing gums, cakes & candies with low calories, etc. Therefore, the future of sugar alcohols is bright and infinite for that’s an inevitable choice. Besides the situation mentioned above, what other changes took place during 2005 to 2009? What is the development trend of sugar alcohols’ production and consumption in China? Based on these questions, will tell you the details in this report.

Strong point

This report provides readers with a handbook service, comprising of comprehensive & detailed & systematic data on each side of sugar alcohol market in China, including:

* Benchmarking of nine leading sugar alcohol manufacturers in China, and analysis of manufacturers in aspects of products, production technology, sales & clients, manufacturing cost, financial statement analysis, etc.
* Production, by capacity, output and price, divided by different sugar alcohols, in each manufacturers, change trend in the last 4-5 years and future 5 years
* Trade situation, by export volume and import volume, divided by different sugar alcohols, in each manufacturers, change trend in the last 4-5 years and future 5 years
* Manufacturers: latest capacity and output, raw material, price, manufacturing cost, etc.
* Consumption: detailed and systematic data on every consumption segments of the sugar alcohol market, and forecast the consumption situation of sugar alcohol in the next five years in China

What is covered?

* Production situation of sugar alcohols: sorbitol, xylitol, maltitol, mannitol and erythritol are included in the analysis of output, capacity, prices, and values of sugar alcohol industry
* Manufacturers: major active manufacturers of sugar alcohols in China are introduced by latest capacity, output and raw material last year. Profiles of sugar alcohol manufacturers are available in this report
* Consumption and end use segments: the consumption structure is illustrated and the end use segments include Vitamin C, food, daily health products, pharmaceuticals and others.
* Import and export analysis introducing trade situation in China
* Technology and supply of raw material source in different sugar alcohols are introduced concisely
* Benchmarking: site-visiting with nine leading companies in sugar alcohol industry in China.


Scientific methodologies and varieties of data sources are adopted to ensure the credibility.

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