Zip Industries Introduces Zip Genuine Spare Parts to Online Store

Zip Industries, among the world’s foremost manufacturers of hot water systems and chilled water dispensers, has launched spare parts for its product range on the company website.

Online PR News – 15-October-2013 – Condell Park, NSW – Zip Industries, among the world’s foremost manufacturers of hot water systems and chilled water dispensers, has launched spare parts for its product range on the company website. Along with placing orders for the company’s extensive product range which includes Zip Automatic Hand Dryers, the Zip Hydrotap Sparkling Water and Zip Hydroboil, the company’s loyal customers can also buy authentic, replacement parts on the company website. These parts are manufactured and approved by Zip Industries after extensive testing and comprehensive product quality assurance.

The Zip Industries online storefront, a high traction online destination visited by anyone who is looking to purchase or upgrade drinking water or bathroom technology has unveiled retail for online spare parts. Currently, it is stocked with a variety of filter cartridges.

These come in a variety of specifications (starting at 0.2 Microns) and offer a variety of benefits. Apart from removing the unwanted taste and smell of chlorine, which is added to water for purification, the filters also remove chemicals like lead and benzene (which can have many dangerous effects upon human physiology). Additionally, harmful biological contaminants like the Cryptosporidium parvum oocyst are also removed.

These filters can be installed directly in your kitchen to make it convenient to remove unwanted matter in your household water. Viewers can take the time to comfortably browse around before ordering an appropriate one for their personal needs.

A recent June testimonial spoke of the high concern for quality assurance that is followed by the firm.

According to a Mr. T. R:

“Sir, all I can say is you’ve got a quality product and more importantly, quality people. From a consumer’s perspective, rarely does one get valued or individualised as a customer. Your team has succeeded at all levels to achieve top level quality service. You should be proud.”

Recently, the company has signed on known celebrity, Aussie designer Jamie Durie as its rand ambassador for the Zip HydroTap range. The range, which provides instant boiling, chilled and sparkling water system is becoming a success in the competitive Australian market along with acclaim across a network of 65 nations.

About the Company

What started as a business merely manufacturing small water heaters has now grown to a globally known and renowned venture in the water boiling and chilling segment.

A variety of instant boiling water devices for every budget and requirement has made Zip Industries Australia’s preferred source of kitchen devices for homes, offices and organizations across the world. The company, which initially had only acquired markets in New Zealand and Asia, now sells products like the Zip Hydroboil, Zip Chillers and Zip Touch-Free Washroom Systems, along with Zip Automatic Hand Dryers across the world.

Michael Crouch, the company owner has also innovated in segments traditionally ignored in product design, such as Automatic Hand Dryers.

Through a series of products like the Zip Hydrotap for Sparkling Chilled Drinking Water, Zip Industries has quietly marched on to emerge as the first choice for any water treatment need.

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