The restart of FBC has been the dream of many of its alumni for quite some time. For all, the wait has been difficult; but finally, their dream is becoming a reality.

Online PR News – 26-October-2013 – Orlando, Florida – Florida Bible College was established in 1962 in the Coconut Grove section of Miami on the campus of Grove Community Church with a very clear, but unique, vision and mission. It was on the cutting edge of a movement focusing on a 2 Timothy 2:2 approach to fulfilling the Great Commission. Part of what made it unique was its willingness to think outside the box and to embrace radical methods that were controversial in the eyes of the more staid, traditional church of its day. It moved north to a new home in the former Hollywood Beach Hotel in 1971, where it grew to become the largest non-denominational Bible college in the world. In the 1980s it again relocated, this time to the Poinciana development near the central Florida town of Kissimmee, before finally moving back to south Florida where it offered its final classes in the late 1990s.
The restart of FBC has been the dream of many of its alumni for quite some time. For some, recreating the FBC they knew and loved in Miami or Hollywood or Kissimmee is what they envision. For others, the establishment of a culturally-relevant, mission-driven school that will not outwardly look like any of its previous iterations is what they see. For all, the wait has been difficult; but finally, their dream is becoming a reality.

Late last week the inaugural Board of Trustees for the official restart of Florida Bible College was seated, and last night they met for the first time to begin the process of reopening the college in the fall of 2014. The Trustees, together with the Board of Counselors, are not seeking to recreate the 60s, 70s, 80s, or 90s. They have mapped out an aggressive strategic plan to design a governance and structure that will support their vision for that Biblically grace-oriented, culturally-relevant, mission-driven school, execute a presidential search, secure an anchor campus, and locate possible satellite campuses as soon as possible.

I have been praying for a revival of the zeal and enthusiasm for reaching the lost which was the driving force at Florida Bible College that reached me with the Gospel. I am so excited that that day has arrived, said Trustee Ed Williamson. The Lord is raising up laborers for the harvest. My goal and prayer is that we will be a Light in these days proclaiming the Gospel of the Grace of God, without fear, with boldness, unashamedly because the Gospel is the Power of God unto Salvation.

Please pray for those who have assumed the leadership in this vital work: Joe Alessi, Steve Bils, John Boehm, Sandy Bohon, Birbal Boodram, Mels Carbonell, Daniel Coggins, Stephen Lewis, Wally Morillo, Bill Murphy, Mary Murphy, Stan Ponz, and Ed Williamson. For more information on these individuals and on the progress of their efforts, check the college website regularly at www.floridabiblecollege.com.

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