GetAwayGrey Announces Record Sales of over 50,000 Bottles of its Grey Hair Reversal Product

Sales milestone indicates shift in consumer trend towards natural beauty solutions.

Online PR News – 29-October-2013 – Charleston, SC – GetAwayGrey, an innovative and all natural product to prevent and reverse grey hair, has sold over 50,000 bottles, proving that consumers are seeking more natural hair care solutions.

"Fifty thousand units sold is a significant accomplishment when you think of our very young company," says Rob Duner-Fenter, CEO of GetAwayGrey. "The milestone further establishes us as the market leader in an emerging industry that provides a healthy alternative to conventional toxic and chemical dyes to cover gray hair."

GetAwayGrey is a Super Premium catalase vitamin that contains a proprietary blend of ingredients. “New hair growing in gradually returns to its natural color within eight to twelve weeks of taking the product,” says Duner-Fenter, who continues by saying, "we are so confident in the efficacy of our product that we offer a money-back guarantee should our customers not see evidence of the product working within twelve weeks."

Sales milestone indicates shift in consumer trend towards natural beauty solutions.

GetAwayGrey is based on an enzyme, in the body, known as catalase, which breaks down hydrogen peroxide, the culprit to gray hair. Catalase levels diminish as humans grow older, but GetAwayGrey works by replicating the enzyme with a plant based derivative. The GetAwayGrey product was based on new scientific studies from the University of Bradford, in England.

GetAwayGrey is becoming the preferred method for a growing number of consumers who want natural products to eliminate grey hair. “Many grey hair products use unhealthy chemicals, including dyes, colorants, lead acetate, and other artificial substances, that may have long term health hazards, including cancer,” Duner-Fenter says. But because GetAwayGrey works to manipulate a naturally-occurring enzyme, it doesn't need any synthetic materials to do its job.

GetAwayGrey has already been reported in several respected media outlets, including USA Today and The Los Angeles Times; and the new scientific research on Catalase and its role to reverse gray hair has garnered many accolades from the press, including Newsweek, CNN and


GetAwayGrey is an all-natural Super Premium Vitamin designed to reverse and prevent grey hair. The formula is developed using the highest standards of ingredient, and made in the USA.


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