Houston Startup Expands its Product Line with Personal Emergency Preparedness Software - ICEarchive™

ICEarchive™ was specifically designed to give people a single repository for all critical personal and household information that is readily available, easy to use, convenient and secure — a true personal disaster recovery tool.

Online PR News – 06-November-2013 – Houston, Texas – Houston Software Start-up Expands its Product Line with Personal Emergency Preparedness Software – ICEarchive™

Building on the expertise gained with the release of its MyLifeBridge™ estate planning and organization tool, software developer, Neal Ventures LLC announced today the launch of its follow up product, ICEarchive™. This product was specifically designed to give people a single repository for all critical personal and household information that is readily available, easy to use, convenient and secure — a true personal disaster recovery tool.

Disasters Costs Billions Annually
Insurance losses in the United States in 2012 exceeded $32.1 billion. Whether by fire, tornado, hurricane, flood or theft, homeowners are at risk of losing valuable information normally kept in file cabinets, computers or even backup hard drives. When asked how ICEarchive™ can help the average person in times of emergency, Neal Ventures LLC president Owen Malbec explained;

Emergencies are unpredictable...your recovery plan shouldn't be

“Our product allows a user to safely and conveniently aggregate all of those items that you need to rebuild your life in case of disaster. For example, the ability for a homeowner or renter to be able to fully collect on their insured property is greatly enhanced when they have photographic proof of their possessions. Our product arms the owner with irrefutable evidence, yet doesn’t rely on complicated or risky web-based solutions. Add in the personal I.C.E data feature and you’ve not only protected your possessions, you’ve potentially saved your own life.”

How ICEarchive™ Helps
Many people have some “system” or form of organization to keep their personal affairs in order. But how robust is that system? Employers undoubtedly have disaster recovery plans in place, but do individuals? If they lost their home to fire or other disaster, do their plans go along with it? ICEarchive™ offers users the ability to consolidate all of their key information into one safe location and keep it with them (or store it safely) so that the day after the disaster they can be up and running their lives again.

Additional Software Feature Added — In Case of Emergency (I.C.E.)
Should an owner become incapacitated in an accident and unable to respond to the emergency personnel, the ICEarchive™ card is clearly labeled that it contains “I.C.E. data”, or "In Case of Emergency" information, which first responders are trained to look for. Information such as blood type, medical conditions, allergies and physician’s contact information, is stored on this first screen. Accessible prior to the password protected area where the rest of the information is stored, this I.C.E. data includes vital information to help responders help the owner.

Product Features:
• Windows-based, self contained, portable application on USB media – No additional software required to run and leaves no traces on user’s computer
• Does not require the internet
• Allows users to safely record passwords, personal information, account details and other day-to-day information that must be protected
• Allows users to capture photographs for insurance purposes or other documents for safe keeping. All images and documents get integrated into the product and can be deleted or downloaded at will
• 8 GB of storage space, enough for thousands of picture or document uploads
• Encrypted data file cannot be opened without ICEarchive™ program, allowing user to store backup copy anywhere without fear of data exposure
• User’s I.C.E. (in case of emergency) data is visible to all first responders as it is accessible prior to the password gateway that protects the user’s personal information – they cannot see personal and household information!

About the ICEarchive™ Software
ICEarchive™ builds on Neal Ventures LLC’s expertise in portable USB-based software that allows users to capture, edit, print and backup personal information without the need for special software or the internet. ICEarchive™ is a user-configurable database product without the complexity normally associated with such. Without drop down menus and using a simple set of icon buttons, the Windows style interface is immediately intuitive to users.

Retail price on the ICEarchive™ software is $49.99 with no ongoing expense like web-based solutions. Service professionals are able to buy in bulk at reduced prices and have the option of incorporating their own artwork on the card for promotional purposes. Neal Ventures LLC also works with organizations looking for creative fundraising ideas. All sales are currently via the company website while retail options are being examined.

Recognizing that not all potential reviewers of the product will be comfortable providing a physical address to evaluate ICEarchive™, please contact Neal Ventures LLC for a secure download site from which to retrieve a fully functional, time-limited version you can load onto your own USB media. Should you find the product to be as helpful as advertised, Neal Ventures LLC would be pleased to provide you with your own copy of ICEarchive™ on our specially-designed, credit card-thin USB card, just as customers receive.

Neal Ventures was founded in 2012 and introduced its first product, the MyLifeBridge™ card in early 2013. Founded by Owen Malbec, this Houston-based software firm has carved out a niche market position supplying easy to use, inexpensive, portable software to individuals and service professionals. With an underlying philosophy that private information should remain under the control of the individual and not be hosted on the internet, Neal Ventures LLC’s first two products allow users to safeguard their important information without jeopardizing their privacy.

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