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AlcoHawk breathalyzers is one of the leading suppliers of breathalyzers and these devices are well known for its accuracy and quality.

Online PR News – 01-November-2013 – Independence, Iowa – Get world’s most popular breathalyzer device delivered at your door steps at free of cost.

AlcoHawk breathalyzers is one of the leading suppliers of breathalyzers and these devices are well known for its accuracy and quality. Now one need not pay a single penny to ship these breathalyzers rather it will be sent to customers at free of cost.

All the AlcoHAWK have got DOT and FDA 510(k) clearance that means these products are trust worthy and one can purchase them without having a second thought in mind. The breathalyzers that are cleared by the Department of Transportation (DOT) are used for professional screening. These breathalyzers make use of advanced semiconductor sensor technology and this would ensure that the device provide accurate results at any time.

The device comes with mouthpiece and this would prevent external air from entering into the device. It is easy to take targeted deep-lung air sample with the help of a mouthpiece to get accurate results.

AlcoHAWK has different models for a person looking for a compact, affordable and accurate screener. These are available in different models and shapes right from personal breathalyzer to keychain breathalyzer. The sleek and compact nature of these devices makes it easy to be carried anywhere without much difficulty. These high quality breathalyzers are used in different areas like workplace, clinical, marine and for personal use. When it comes to quality there is no other consumer breathalyzer brand that offers the quality and support as that of AlcoHAWK. As the brand is well known for its accuracy it is widely used by Police Department and Law Enforcement Agencies.

AlcoHAWK breathalyzers comes with 1 year limited warranty, incase if any problem arises with the device it will be either replaced or refunded. The company ensures that all the products are up to 100% satisfaction of the customers.

Car breathalyzer is integrated to the ignition system of the car and in case if the level of alcohol consumed by the driver is beyond the limit then the car doesn’t start. Not to mention, drive safety breath alcohol tester can protect the life of the driver and fellow passengers. Owning a high quality personal breathalyzer offers plenty of benefits, one can avoid a fatal collision and long term serving in prison for DUI.

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