Offers Entrepreneurs A Real Alternative To Raising Business Capital connects entrepreneurs with people or businesses that can provide services, materials, equipment, finished products, commercial space, or marketing. In return, these entrepreneurs will give partnership positions, equity, royalties or percentage of sales

Online PR News – 09-November-2013 – Estero Florida – Erik Krupp, President of New Business Creator, Inc., said that many times there are two sides of a potential business transaction that are stuck in neutral or are spinning their wheels because of a lack of Capital. Letís face it the banks, angel investors and venture capital firms are getting really tight with their money. The materials, the talent and the real estate is still out there. The problem is that there is a lack of capital to get business flowing. In this listing site entrepreneurs can search for persons or companies that are wiling to accept a partnership position, equity, royalties or a percentage of future profits in return for their participation.

In this listing site entrepreneurs can create a pitch that contains pictures, videos and narratives to show the commercial viability of their business idea. This page is also used to persuade viewers that they have the management experience to successfully carry out their business plan. A description of what they need and how it will be used to accomplish their next business milestone is included in their pitch. They also indicate what they are willing to Trade in order to get someoneís participation. Items that can be listed for trade include; active or passive partnership positions, equity, royalties or a percentage of future profits. makes available novel solutions to thorny business problems that canít be solved using conventional approaches. Entrepreneurs that canít obtain working capital and are looking for outside the box business solutions, will find this website a valuable resource to find a work-around solution to accomplish their business goals. Business trade or Barter you can make your business happen now

About New Business Creator Inc. offers simple and powerful tools that will quickly and easily launch your new company faster that ever before. Free videos, powerful business tools and social networking is provided.

Erik Krupp, President of New Business Creator, Inc., said that assembling this vast library of free business videos that explain how to launch a new business has been a year in the making. These videos cover topics such as creating a compelling business plan, raising Angel capital, obtaining SBA funding, crowd funding, franchising, marketing and sales, protecting selling and licencing intellectual property. Itís affiliated listing sites provide the tools needed for finding partners or key personnel, raising business capital and marketing.

Users can get access to all of the above-mentioned business videos and narratives at This website also serves as a portal to eight affiliated listing sites that can be used to complete the necessary milestones for successfully launching a new business. One of these sites, is geared towards finding skilled workers that are looking for opportunities in new businesses and startup companies. is another listing site for seeking business capital from Angel investors. was created for raising capital through crowd funding. provides entrepreneurs with alternatives for achieving their business goals without having to raise business capital. In this listing site entrepreneurs can search for persons or companies that are wiling to accept equity, royalties or a percentage of future profits in return for raw materials, finished products, skilled workers, commercial space, or marketing. and were created to help new businesses market and sell their products and services. was launched to give users a platform for selling or licensing their intellectual property. and its affiliated listing sites were created to help entrepreneurs successfully create and implement their business plan. This website simplifies and condenses the vital information that is needed in order to successfully launch a new business. This website also serves as a portal to a number of affiliated listing sites that enable entrepreneurs to obtain the capital, human resources, materials and marketing systems that will be required make their dreams a reality.

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