The Affiliate Recruiter Launches, Helping Businesses get 100’s of Affiliates with Ease

The Affiliate Recruiter is now live, businesses need an easy way to recruit affiliates that are targeted, by niche/keyword and geographic region. Select key words and key phrases that are relevant, set the region of where to find affiliates and let the system take over.

Online PR News – 05-November-2013 – Boston, MA – The Affiliate Recruiter is now officially live at Created by veterans of online marketing, the system was built to help businesses of any size easily reach out to hundreds, and even thousands, of potential affiliates in a short period of time with minimal effort. The system was built on the premise that businesses need an easy way to recruit new affiliates that are targeted, both by niche/keyword and geographic region.

“This system is a dream come true for any online merchant” said Guy Tal, Co-Founder of the system, going on further to explain “how much time you need to invest to recruit every new affiliate and how much time is spent on cultivating them in order to increase sales volume? This system cuts countless hours from that equation”.

Going through the process is actually quite simple. The site owner, or merchant, simply needs to select the key words and key phrases that are relevant, set the geographic region of where to find the affiliates and then sit back and let the system take over. Its this unique combination that gives the system its power and value to the merchants. It should be noted that the geographic region selected may not be the physical location of the affiliate, rather the location the affiliate’s website targets.

A common question on the geo targeting is why its even needed. Why not just do a global search? In one word the answer is: Targeting. Let’s take a local pizza shop as an example. That business would be interested in customers from that city and state (depending on the size of the city). So it only makes sense to target affiliates that cater to that same area as compared to try and reach affiliates whose sites are of nationwide interest vs. local interest.

Now let’s broaden that example to a national business. Obviously a nationwide pizza chain, or hotel chain, would benefit from that. But how about an ecommerce business that either ships only in the U.S. or has products that target people in the United States. We just had the World Series, so let’s use that theme: How about a business that sells Baseball equipment? 99.9% of that business’s clients are likely in America, so that one would benefit from a nation search for affiliates.

The system also allows its users to do a global search, to target specific countries. So each run can be as fins grained or broad as is best suited for that business. Its just a matter of selecting the correct level of targeting, both by region and by keyword.

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Founded by veterans of online marketing, The Affiliate Recruiter was built for online businesses large and small. It allows them to quickly and easily reach out to new affiliates, generating more sales with minimal effort. For more information visit:

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