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Online PR News – 07-November-2013 – Denver, Colorado – Victimization from monitoring web sites is an increasing and lucrative industry. Many experience having their personal information published online for anyone to view. Fortunately, there are companies, most notably,, which provides services to remove this content, and provide monitoring solutions.

Monitoring websites allow consumers to search for private information about their neighbors, friends, acquaintances and even potential employees. For just a small fee, personal information is easily made public to those who seek it. These sites can cause serious damage to a person’s online reputation.

Sites such as Instant Checkmate and others provide access to documents that are readily available online.

These include:

• Arrest records
• News articles
• Mugshots
• Lawsuit data

Unfortunately, much of the information provided to consumers can be inaccurate, causing devastating, and serious damage to one’s reputation. The services provided may seem very attractive to individuals who are busy and “on the go.”

For example, a parent blogged that the site could help her map a route for her children’s Halloween activities by avoiding sex predators listed on the site/s. What if a name listed was not only someone she knew, but provided a false criminal record? The Better Business Bureau published a review on its web site, suggesting that some users, who pop up on these sites, were wrongly associated with the crimes that were committed.

Fortunately, companies such as, have developed sophisticated technology and systems to help those who have experienced having misinformation published about them.

By using proprietary quantitative & qualitative analysis techniques and in-house innovative technology, they can ensure a successful reputation management campaign.

The technicians at have developed techniques they can use to remove data from monitoring websites like Instant Checkmate. After the well managed and thoughtful process is complete, there will be absolutely no records of the person being searched.

The solution doesn’t stop there. Technicians can remove mugshots from nearly all mugshot websites available to the online world. This ensures that mugshot photos can’t be added again to the database it was removed from.

It goes further. Technicians use sophisticated techniques to develop content that is flattering and complementary to the client. This quality content will be the first thing that pulls up in search engine search (Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) of the person’s name. Other instances may include removing blog entries and news articles that are damaging to a person’s reputation.

With one industry, sparks another. As the use and demand for these sites, and other entities such as social media outlets increases, the more one should be educated about managing their online reputation. is a leading Internet privacy and online reputation management firm.

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